Las Vegas: Happy & Prosperous New Year Wishes


Venerable Ancient Chinese proverb-

"It is better to have a LUCKY life than a good life."

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Avatar mikeintexas -
I've heard it said - usually by athletes- that it's better to be lucky than good, but not so sure about that.

I have my black-eyed peas and spinach (I couldn't find any mustard or turnip greens on the shelves, don't think that store even carries them) as my only sop to any superstition I ever allow myself.

Hope you have a great 2019 eddessaknight!
Avatar hearsetrax -
well heres to another great year of winning losing and the lottery related grey hair and wrinkle jejejeje

Best of Luck in 2019
Avatar lejardin -
Happy New Year and hope for a prosperous and lucky 🍀 2019 for you eddessaknight!

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