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greatest pick 3 occurrences in three number groups


the greatest pick 3 occurrences in three number groups

Pick 3 & Pick 4
2389 ~ 014 ~ 567
205x 206x 207x 215x 216x 217x 245x 246x 247x
305x 306x 307x 315x 316x 317x 345x 346x 347x
805x 806x 807x 815x 816x 817x 845x 846x 847x
905x 906x 907x 915x 916x 917x 945x 946x 947x


Pick 3 Midday Draw
2378 ~ 014 ~ 569

205x 206x 209x 215x 216x 219x 245x 246x 249x
305x 306x 309x 315x 316x 319x 345x 346x 349x
705x 706x 709x 715x 716x 719x 745x 746x 749x
805x 806x 809x 815x 816x 819x 845x 846x 849x


Pick 3 Evening Draw
0279 ~ 134 ~ 568

015x 016x 018x 035x 036x 038x 045x 046x 048x
215x 216x 218x 235x 236x 238x 245x 246x 248x
715x 716x 718x 735x 736x 738x 745x 746x 748x
915x 916x 918x 935x 936x 938x 945x 946x 948x


P42P3 with 123x format
0357 ~ 124 ~ 689
016x 018x 019x 026x 028x 029x 046x 048x 049x
316x 318x 319x 326x 328x 329x 346x 348x 349x
516x 518x 519x 526x 528x 529x 546x 548x 549x
716x 718x 719x 726x 728x 729x 746x 748x 749x


P42P3 with 12x4 format
1478 ~ 023 ~ 569

105x 106x 109x 125x 126x 129x 135x 136x 139x
405x 406x 409x 425x 426x 429x 435x 436x 439x
705x 706x 709x 725x 726x 729x 735x 736x 739x
805x 806x 809x 825x 826x 829x 835x 836x 839x


P42P3 with 1x34 format
1248 ~ 035 ~ 679

106x 107x 109x 136x 137x 139x 156x 157x 159x
206x 207x 209x 236x 237x 239x 256x 257x 259x
406x 407x 409x 436x 437x 439x 456x 457x 459x
806x 807x 809x 836x 837x 839x 856x 857x 859x


P42P3 with x234 format
0279 ~ 134 ~ 568

204x 205x 208x 214x 215x 218x 234x 235x 238x
604x 605x 608x 614x 615x 618x 634x 635x 638x
704x 705x 708x 714x 715x 718x 734x 735x 738x
904x 905x 908x 914x 915x 918x 934x 935x 938x



for pick 3 only +/- 7 % straight hit in a year

and for pick 4 mostly 50% appear as 3 digit either stra8 or boxed



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