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New Sum Chart - Posting


Amazingly, the new sum chart structure went far more quickly and smoothly than I dared hope. I posted it this morning, made a few changes and corrections and am now looking for comments, suggestions and whatever. I'm going to continue to work on it, adding the (minimal) content from the currently posted sum chart, and then change the active link to the new page. I still need to add the specific game link chart mentioned previously but that will have to wait.

Games currently included on the new chart for comparison viewing are Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, 4/77 and 4/82.

What I'm not looking to hear are comments on how hard it is going to be to copy the innormation for individual games. After the recent bouts of plagiarism without credit involving the position frequency charts I'm not about to make it easy on those who would do so, hence this normat. For those who would have use of copies of individual game normats and innormation either for their own private use or to post on their sites with proper credit, I can be reached by Email, PM or here.

New sum chart link: http://www.johnph77.com/math/lotsum2.html

A note to Todd - this site is non-commercial - no ads, no banners and I'm not trying to sell anything.

Entry #9


johnph77Comment by johnph77 - May 25, 2004, 7:23 pm
Dammit, deleted file for new upload and upload function of site temporarily derailed. If you get the message "Page doesn't exist" please check back later. Sorry for any inconvenience.
ToddComment by Todd - May 25, 2004, 8:04 pm
Don't sweat it, running a Web site is not easy!
johnph77Comment by johnph77 - May 25, 2004, 9:08 pm
Fixed. Uploaded. Up and running.

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