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lotto purchases today


how appropriate is this song. it is going to be alright. i like positive songs to help me keep my positive attitude. it will really be alright.

the blue man has finally stopped dancing.  three times in a row. now that must be a record for me. made my miserable stay in cali worth it. i got to play my favorite sctatcher game. well the local lotto was not so good to me. the cali super lotto plus 1 dollar ticket was a dud. i bought a 2 dollar 2 drawing mega ticket too. it was a little nicer but still a dud. i think when the mega was about 267 million i had 2 of the numbers. we all know what 2 numbers get you in most lottos and that is bupkiss.

well i got paid while i was down there and i was able to get me 1 20 draw cali super lotto plus ticket and 1 20 draw mega million ticket. so i will be in it in cali for awhile. i also went and spent another 20 dollars on the big spin tickets. i figured i wouldn't hit again but i did twice for 2 dollars. so i went into the hole for that 16 dollars. that was it for the spending. no more lotto playing while in cali.

i was thinking what i was going to do with the 6 dollars cash i had on me. when i travel i generally only have money on me to play the lotto and nothing else. i was waiting outside my clients spot when it hit me that i had to pay a toll to get across the bay bridge. well that is where 4 dollars of that money went.

now i have board another plane to go east to a funeral. i am headed through houston and i am hoping that in the C terminal that the lotto place is back in business. i might get me a ticket on the way there or maybe on the way back. if i have money for nothing but powerball i am going to drive up to conneticut and get me a power ball ticket. i think that will take me into the end of may. almost a whole year of not going to oregon. i might just make it.

i am torn between playing the new york mega vs the texas mega with the multiplyer. i don't know which one but i will make a decision real soon. if i had more money i would play the ct or the tx local lottos but there is only so much money. i got bills to pay.

as the song says "alright. it's going to be alright." over and over again with it's lilting music.

well i ended another long streak with an over sight. i did not play a washington lotto ticket. i didn't play for two drawings. the race to get out of here to cali i forgot to check my tickets and didn't want to ask the wife to play them. frankly i didn't check until i sat down to do this blog. so i will go out and see if the non working car can get me to the store if not i will have to hoof it down there. i have to get it today because i won't be back until late wednesday after the drawing. quinto is running out so i am going to get a tickt up until the last day of quinto. QUINTO the only game i won over a 1000 on. life goes on.

ok mister mega don't let anyone win this drawing. i want you to move into record territory!!! once you get into record territory you can let me be a single winner. you know i want to be taken away from the work world. mister power you are no slouch this time around either at 120 million. you too can take me away from the work world.

well now is time for me to curl up on the couch and watch some curling and go to sleep again dreaming about winning  a lottery.


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