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lotto purchases today



he is dancing with a little diginity today.

well i have a long list to get through so let me just start with the winners. i had another PA lottery ticket come due and it was another winner. so far i have had 3 multidraw ticets in a row become winners. i hit with 1 white and 1 red ball on two separate drawings. if i had the money for the power play i would have won all my money back because each one was a 5x drawing. oh well on the next winning ticket i did play the power play but it was only a 3x winner. i had 3 white balls and i walked away with 21 dollars. a decent hit to start the year out. matter of fact i won over half my money back on the AZ lottery powerball. hmmm even if i hit with 5x i still would not make my money back. oh well i will still take the 21 dollars. powerball is hard enough to hit as it is.

by the way if you go to the powerball home page you will find a survey that they are doing that is asking your opinion about a new game they are going to try. this might be the death know for hot lotto or maybe a sister to hot lotto. i don't think it is going to get much play but go do the survey and come back and let me know your opinion about it here. i would love to know your opinion about. the only redeeming thing i see is that you can win a million dollars. which is my key to playing these lottos. can i win a million. if the answer is yes you can have my dollar.

whoa the grits are getting to me. i must push on to the losers.

the losers. i lost on a az pick lotto ticket i picked up in az. i didn't even get the pick. the last time i played the pick all i got was the pick. i was passing through houston and you can play lotto in the airport. i picked up on a tx megamillion for the record jackpot and played the multiplyer. i lost on a ny mega million free ticket that i got for making a purchase of 25 drawings in a row from the ny lottery. well that ticket was a loser but thanks for the free play. i finally had time to check my wa lotto and wa quinto ticket to see that they were losers. still i ended my streak with the wa lotto and had to start a new one. 


well it was a sad thing to go back for a funeral but it gave me an opportunity to get some more lotto tickets. i already mentioned the tx and ny free mega tickets i picked up and the 25 drawing mega ticket i got from the ny. my cousin was nice enough for me to go to PA to pick up a ticket for me the way i like it. so i got a 26 drawing PA powerball ticket with no power play. Mad  i just didn't have the money to get what i wanted.  while i was waiting for my cousin to show up i picked up 1 multi draw ticket for the mega million (after the record jackpot) for 8 drwaings and 1 8 drawing nj pick 6 game. by the way the 2nd winning mega million ticket was purchased two towns over from my cousin.  i asked if his mother in law played there.  unfortunately no.  so nothing coming my way. my friend in cali girlfriend's weekend coworekers won 5 balls on the mega. the players split 8300 before taxes. i don't know what they won in cali because they do a parimutual jackpot.

well i got washington tickets coming due this week for mega and last of the quinto drawings. i wonder what washington will do to replace it. who knows. probably nothing. maybe i am the winner of the 5 white balls here for the washington mega. we have hit the 2nd place prize a bit lately when i check. prbably a 3 dollar winner i will be. well the daughter is waiting for the computer so she can do her homework.

i have 4 lotto ticket to mail off to collect some money. i just have to find the time to do it.  

mister power i am thankful for your winnings that you gave me and looking forward to the next win i can get from you. mister mega you can still take me away from the work world.  



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