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50 G's Went bye bye Powerball #'s Easily Predicted But **


Powerball    1/4/2020     1 - 11 - 21 - 25 - 54       (7)

Today is Sunday,the day after NO ONE won the Powerball !
I hit the Powerball on 1 ticket out of 5 tickets.A big $4 Win
    I had too many numbers to choose from.....let me explain...
Not much happened on Saturday.Washed,and dried clothes,bought some food at Walmart.
   At Walmart with a friend;Carrie,we met Carrie's's ex-boss;"John"...."Long time no see you,how you doing?"
John told us his wife died back in July and it hurt him bad.The holidays being alone really got to him.
   We said our Good Byes and cashed out,I drove Carrie home.That was about it.Nothing stuck-out,got my attention.
Later my other friend,Paul called,he wanted to go to the Mohegan Casino,eat the Buffet then play 3 card poker.I went with Paul to the Casino.
    After eating we went to a 3 card poker table.Paul pulled out some cash.The dealer gave Paul some chips.
I noticed the dealer had an Ace,another Ace,and a 7.Wow! a pair of Aces!
    Paul made his bets,I knew Paul's 1st hand would be 2 sevens.How did I know?   Easy,I looked at the dealer's last hand;7,Ace,Ace.I thought Ace=#1,so Paul's next hand will be One #7,and looking at the other Ace,=(#1) one number 7 again.
    Paul's next hand was 7,7,9.Paul beat the dealer's King,jack ,6..! Paul was yelling,"Yes,I Won!"
Was I startled that I predicted Paul's next hand?   Nope...  someone else would think,"Aw, just a coincidence"
   Paul told me to "Go away",he didn't want me to watch him lose.Before I left,I seen the dealer had a high card the Queen.Paul had an Ace,Paul won again.By me seeing the Queen,I knew Paul would be dealt two Queens.I told him he would be dealt two Queens shortly.I went to play a slot machine.Later,after winning like 36 free spins on a Money Rain slot I won $5.33!   I went to where Paul was playing.He was not there.We met a few minutes later.He told me he did get dealt two Queens.He won $150.00...was I shocked by my prediction?   Nope...
   This was around 9pm.Powerball tickets were still on sale until 10pm.

Here we go AGAIN !
   Seeing Carrie's ex-boss John..the letter J is the 10th letter of the alphabet=#10.Delete the zero=#1.What do you see?  One number One=#11 Now what do you see? 11=Two number Ones=#21 Twenty One...What numbers were drawn? #1,#11,#21 !! Did I play any of these numbers? no,I played number ten(10) for the letter J..What the? Again!  I did not break down the letter J to the numbers 1,11,21 !
    Two more numbers were drawn,#25 and #54
The last time Carrie and I did the laundry number #25 came in as one of the numbers drawn.I played #25 as a Powerball pick.Was the Powerball #25? No it was number 7!!!   Why the exclamations?   Earlier at the poker table I guessed Paul's next 3-card hand.Two 7's !!...and to make it worse I told Paul he would be dealt two Queens..the letter Q is the ? what number in the alphabet?  the 17th letter!!  17=One number 7!!  Twice!!
    Did I go run to buy the Powerball number 7? Noooooooo.Just another day seeing numbers...What am I? Brain Dead?anyone else would have played the number 7!!
     And I did play the number 7 on one ticket because while at the Laundromat we seen our friends;Dennis and Mandy.We see Dennis we always see Mandy also.With that thinking I wrote on a paper....D=#4   for Dennis and #3 for Mandy (letter M=#13,or/and #3)one number Three.Since we see them together always I thought D+M=43,But I added the Four and Three.The reason,"Hey,there is Dennis+Mandy" 4+3=7 !!!
    I played the #7 on One ticket...Did I go buy another ticket with the number 7 after predicting Paul would be dealt two 7's?  DUGH!!
Even the two Queens!! Q=#17=#7 AGAIN!!!
   To recap,I had the numbers #1,#11,#21,#25 {Quarter change at Laundromat} <snip> Q Again!! 
Number #54 ,nothing not a clue....
Powerball + 4 Numbers=$50,000 !!!   Had the Numbers Again in plain sight!! Cost me 50 G's......

Entry #89


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