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January 21, 2021, 1:59 amPowerball Winner #69+(PB)$4.00 +(PB)$4.00 + #53 +#68 !!

Powerball Winner #69+(PB)$4.00 +(PB)$4.00 + #53  +#68  !!
  If only on one ticket!
(PB)+3 Numbers=$100.00 !

Last Edited: January 21, 2021, 2:04 am

Entry #108
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January 20, 2021, 9:10 pmPlay Joe Biden,Kamala Harris for Powerball 12 18 28 16 26 (2)

January 20 2021
    Newest Newsflash !
Since somehow, Sleepy Joe Biden,and Two Timer Kamala Harris were sworn (effin) in  today, I Will play Joe Biden + Kamala Harris # for Powerball 12  18.
   Just guessing here.(Joking above)
Presidential Inauguration=PI=#69
   President Donald Trump Vacates=PDTV=#16,#4,#20,#22=#64,#22,#32

Too many Numbers? Box them all in.
2  10  11  12  16   18   20   22   26   32   64   69
    Will play #2 as the Powerbal Lucky Ball because J=#10, Biden=#2,together =#12,also= one number two(#2),or #20
My Powerbal Lucky Ball Numbers:
#2   #12   #20
     I know,every time I make a prediction here I lose.BYE.
See Ya!See Ya!
Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021
    40  53  60  68  69   (22)
Hit #69 + (PB#22)=$4.00

Last Edited: January 21, 2021, 1:39 am

Entry #107
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January 19, 2021, 2:13 am2 Barbeque Grills Trashed= Lucky4Life $$ Stickers WIN $$

Monday, Jan. 18, 2021

Lucky4Life  Winning Numbers:
              2  13  14  19  31   (7)
   I was going to post my prediction for today's (Monday) numbers.But I am still mad about missing the Powerball Drawing on Wednesday  Jan  13th.
Got a call from my girl Carrie to 'come here and pick up these 2 Grills'. I Picked them up.I drove to Walmart and purchased Pineapple Juice,pencils,sticker labels.Phone call:Carrie wants a gallon of milk.I buy milk.
    BUT, during checkout the sticker labels had no barcode.I paid for all, went outside to my truck,unloaded and went back in to buy the stickers with a  barcode.Picked up a bag of wood Alphabet Tiles.
    So,what numbers did I play?
#7 for the Lucky Ball on five tickets.Letter (G) for Grills.
#2 for 2 Barbeque Grills on four tickets,+ Lucky Ball =$6.00 Win X =$24.00 YEAH!
#19 on one ticket,with #2,and Lucky Ball=$25.00 YES!
Total spent $10.Total Won $49.00   Profit:$39.00 !!
Did I play #13 for Milk?  No,because there were 2 Grills.And the stickers gave me a problem.So,I played (G)#7,#17,(S)#9,#19,(PJ)#16.BG=#27.
   I forgot about #13 for Milk.AGAIN I Screw Up!!
#2,#13,#19 + LuckyBall=$150.00 effin Dollars!!
   As for #14,or #4,letter N,or letter D....Nothing
As for #31,or letters  CA ,....Nothing
  I played #'s 37,CG,(Charcoal Grill) #5 for (Electric---Grill)#12 for Labels,#12 was also #2.
Yeah I should have posted my picks,sorry...Let me throw this in   Seen 3 more people in Walmart wearing NO MASK!
  SmashNEWSFLASH ! After putting on my mask,going into the gas station to buy my tickets,I noticed right away that my mask smelled like Mold.Was in someone's moldy,cold basement yesterday.I went back to my truck and grabbed a new mask.
  Here we go again,I not paying attention,,,Something {grabbed} my attention.--a smelly mask!
Mask smelled like Mold=MM=1313.   Yeah,I see it too...#31
LuckyBall+4=$5,000.00 !
  Just like Saturday's Powerball.I didn't come close,had 2 numbers.BUT I accidentally threw away a winning $2.00 ticket from Jan 12 MegaMillions game.I went back an hour later,dug out the ticket from the trash can outside,and even thought about playing #2,for the Powerball,because the ticket was a $2 winner.That got my attention,throwing out a ticket.Did I play #2? No,bought a quick pick...

Last Edited: January 19, 2021, 9:10 am

Entry #106
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January 15, 2021, 8:58 pmToday #23 is everywhere Will play MegaMillions using #23

January 15 2021

Every time I post a prediction,I lose.
What the heck,here goes:
   Today I get a call on my cell phone ,missed it.Carrie Called. CC=33==two #3's=#23
I ran out of bottled water.Went to Walmart. W=23
   Of course,again,I count 8 people not wearing a mask.
While in Walmart,what do I see? Two large Watermelons.I buy one.W=#23
  At the checkout,I know I will max out a Walmart Gift Card I received for Christmas.
I knew there was twenty-something left on it.The bill was $18.80 so far,so I scanned a frozen food item,which the total  is $21.21...I have the receipt for proof.What is the amount left on my Gift Card?...    .23 Cents !   No effing way!
      There you have it. I'm playing #23 as the MagaBall for the MegaMillionds drawing tonight.
Since I'm posting this now,it probably won't be the MegaBall....
No Pity!

11:42 pm....Friday, Jan. 15, 2021

MegaMillions 3 11 12 38 43  (15)
Once again,every time I post a prediction,I lose.
   I'll play #23 in the next lottery.

Last Edited: January 15, 2021, 11:46 pm

Entry #105
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January 15, 2021, 8:18 amLucky4Life Win $5,000.00 ! = Job Lot + Burger King + Walmart

Lucky4Life   Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021

3  16  20  21  47   (10)
After screwing up my picks for Tuesday's MegaMillions and Wednesday's Powerball, my friend Paul said,"Either, whatever you do during the day,somehow the first letter of a word,relating to any activity, converts to a Lottery number.Or you are a floundering psychic".
   "Try this,go to any place,buy something then see if any number comes up  later in the lottery".
So,I called up another friend,Andrew,and I told him about Paul's .....Dare,my friend Laughed.Then he told me,..."Hey Burger King has a one dollar Bacon Cheese Burger". So, off to Burger King I went....
    I was hungry,I ordered 10 Bacon Burgers, Chicken Nuggets, Jalapenos,and Cheese Sticks.
Earlier in the day,I was at Walmart,I called my girl Carrie,I asked her if she needed anything.She wanted JUICE,...Cranberry and Orange Juice.
    Of course, being in Walmart I observed 5 people NOT wearing a mask....
And before going to Walmart,I took on my friend Paul's Dare.I did not have any reason to go to Job Lot.I went in,and purchased one item,Scotch Tape,the price...$1.00.....
    And that's all for Thursday  January 14 2021
First,I will list each Lucky4Life Number Drawn and will list to it if I had any activity of a first letter of a word regarding the number.
#3  = Letter C= Carrie, Cheese Burger, Cranberry Juice,Cheese Sticks
#16= Letter P= Paul,  or the #6= Letter F= ?
#20= Letter T= ?     ,  or the #2= Letter B= Burger King,Bacon Cheese Burger
#21= Letter U= ?     ,  or the #11= Letter K= King, or BA=#21,=?
#47= Letter DG=?   
#10= Letter J= JUICE,JOB LOT,Jalapeno,   or the #1= Letter A=Andrew + TEN (10) Bacon Cheese Burgers.
    Too many numbers....so, I did do Paul's Dare.....
Job Lot   J=#10 = HIT !
Walmart W=#23= ZIP !
Burger King Bk=#2,+ #11  total= #2, #1,=    #21, HIT !   K=#11= two number ones,and also One Number One. Total combined=#21
   Ok, by visiting 3 locations, I hit one number plus the Lucky4Life Lucky Ball Number.
Purchased item hit list...
#3  HIT !
#16 ZIP !
#20 HIT !
#21 HIT !
#47  ZIP!
#10 HIT !
   This is CRAZY !   I hit the Luck4Life's Lucky Ball (#10) JOB LOT,  JUICE,  10 Burgers !
I chose Job Lot because I had no reason to shop there.
Drove to Walmart to ?....what the PH! PAY my Electric Bill  !  ....#16 ! Letter P, PAY ! so,I hit another number. YEAH!
Drove to Burger King to buy some $1 Dollar Bacon Cheese Burgers.
, maybe Paul has come up with a resolution...
#3  HIT !
#16 HIT !
#20 HIT !
#21 HIT !
#47  ZIP!
#10 HIT !
   #10 I HIT right away,and with Carrie telling me,"Buy me some JUICE".
#47=Letters DG= ZIP!
So,did I play #10 for Job Lot, or JUICE?
   Sadly,I played #12, I combined the Letters J and L to get #12
and/or I played #13,  Cranberry Juice=#31,too high=reverse=#13
Orange Juice=#15, #51,too high,reverse=#15
  and #11 for Burger King,#21=#11
    I don't effin know!
4 Numbers with the Lucky4Life Ball=
$5,000.00  no one hit it....

Last Edited: January 15, 2021, 8:23 am

Entry #104
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January 14, 2021, 2:22 amDr Appt + 4 Sausage McMuffin= Powerball Jackpot ! i not Happy !

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021
Powerball Numbers Drawn:
    4 19 23 25 49   (14)

Today I had the craving for McDonald's Sausage Egg McMuffin.Drove to McDee's at 9:30am,bought 2 for $4, twice.
=4 Sausage Egg McMuffins.
Out of the Blue......
My girl calls me.She has an appointment with her doctor at 4:15 pm.She did not say Doctor first.Told me she has an Appointment.
Thanks for letting me know beforehand...
I drove her to the appointment.While waiting I drove to McDonald's...Nah,prices too high.Drove to Wendy's,bought the 2 for $5 deal.Two Cheese Burgers.Picked up girl,drove her to her home.That was it for the day.
   Later I wrote on a paper these words...
McDonald's    4 Sausage Egg McMuffins   2 for $4   Doctor Appointment    4:15    Wendy's   2 for  $5

McDonald's =#13 or #3
4 Sausage Egg McMuffins =#4,  4S=#49, 4E=#45,  4M=#43, M=#13  EM=#53
2 for $4 = #24
Appointment with  Doctor = 14
4:15 = #4, #5,#15
  Wendy's = # 23
2 for  $5 =#25
Two Cheese Burgers   2C=#23  CB=#32
    After screwing up yesterday by playing #2,instead of the #9,(#9 for ibeprofen) ibeprofen was the MAIN reason to go to Walmart.
The MAIN thing=Appointment...with Doctor.
   OK,now I'll play #14 for the Powerball Lucky Ball...
Then I played #'s 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 23, 24, 25, 53 on 10 tickets.
Powerball Numbers Drawn:  4 19 23 25 49   (14)
Right away I have 10 winning Tickets!
#1 Ticket = #4, #23, #25 plus the Powerball  !  =  $100 Winner !   YEAH!   Finally!
#2 Ticket = #4, #23   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#3 Ticket = #4, #25   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#4 Ticket = #4, #25   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#5 Ticket = #23, #25   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#6 Ticket = #23, #25   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#7 Ticket = #23, #25   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#8 Ticket = #23, #25   plus the Powerball   $7.00 Dollar Winner !
#9 Ticket = #4,    plus the Powerball   $4.00 Dollar Winner !
#10 Ticket = #4,  plus the Powerball   $4.00 Dollar Winner !
       Total Spent=$20.00
       Total Won=$157.00
        Profit=$137.00  !   YEAH!

WAIT !   #9= letters  i,(9) and s(19)....S for SAUSAGE !    .......egg McMuffin
and 4(FOUR) SAUSAGE(9) =#49!.......!SAUSAGE .......egg McMuffins !
,I had them all !  What the PH !
Didn't play the letter S,#9,#19,#49 while filling out the card.... WHY WHY WHY ?

Last Edited: January 14, 2021, 3:01 am

Entry #103
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January 13, 2021, 3:19 amBlue ibeprofen wins MegaMillions MegaBall (9)+ 2 #'s=$50 WIN

Mega Millions Drawing   Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021

12  14  26  28  33    (9)
Today I drove to walmart only to buy one item.ibprofen.While in walmart,on the intercom I heard some guy sing about ,"It's a Blue Day". Exactly when I heard the word "Blue",I looked down an isle and what do I see? A huge sign with a company's name,(Blue) staring at me.What a coincidence I thought,I'll play #2 for the letter B in tonight's Mega Millions Drawing...
Later my friend Paul called asking me to go with him so
he can fix an oil furnace for a tenant he has.
   Sure I'll go for the ride.A 10 minute fix.Afterward he said;"Chinese Buffet!"
We ate at the Royal Buffet.

I remembered I bought some ibprofen,and thought..."Nah, I buy ibprofen twice a week,nothing
out of the ordinary.
Then I thought about the Royal Buffet.....Nah,we go there every week, nothing
out of the ordinary.
    Numbers Drawn:
    12  14  26  28  33    (9)
#12= letter L....nothing
also #2=#12....WINNER!
and #2=#20.....nothing
#14= letter N.....nothing
#26= letters BF....? Furnace.....FF=Fix Furnace=#66= two sixes...26....WINNER!   I know,I'm grasping for winning letters or words.NOT!  Many entries ago there was a Fix Furnace day activity and #26 came in.
#28=letters BH....nothing
#33=letters CC.....nothing
Mega Millions Ball (9)= letter I.....IBPROFEN....WINNER!  Someone was with me in walmart,I have a witness!
  So...if   if   if    I had played #2 for a Number,and not a   Mega Millions Number,(#9)....that would be one number HIT,and since the Fix Furnace was an emergency,#26, I would have had TWO numbers with the Mega-Ball,=$$10 bucks!  I probably would have had 5 winning tickets,=$$50.00.I would have played #19 also as a Mega Ball.
So, I drove to walmart to buy ONE item...IBPROFEN.And because I heard and seen the word BLUE, thought the coincidence was more important than the reason to go to walmart....., I screwed myself again!
    I did buy 10 tickets for the Mega Millions Drawing,with 5 tickets having the number #2,for the B in Blue,and
5 more tickets tickets having the number #20,all losers....
   But since the Mega Millions jackpot is so high,I bought 5 more Quick Picks also.
On one Quick Pick ticket,I have the #9 as the MagaBall...WINNER !=$2.00...
Total spent= $30 bucks
Total $$ Returned= $$ 2.00.....$28 bucks in the hole.....
Total returned  if if if....$$50.00-$$30.00= $$20 profit.....I did it again.......I Picked the Lucky Ball + SWITCHED Numbers!  What the PH!

Last Edited: January 13, 2021, 3:25 am

Entry #102
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January 12, 2021, 11:56 pmRear Broken Axle on Dodge Truck = Powerball $$ !!

On December 24,2020, I was driving my Dodge (- Daily Overhauls Do Get Expensive) when the transmission went into neutral,I coasted into an empty parking lot.
   Checked it out...driver's side rear axle popped out.Repaired the axle on January 26,2020.
I knew on the 24th,with the REAR AXLE breaking,that number #8,or #18 (R) for rear  and the letter {A} #1,for Axle# REAR AXLE =8+1=81= number too high=Reverse Number = 18, WOULD  come in on the NEXT Powerball Drawing.
     Powerball Numbers ...12/26/2020     
10 - 24 - 27 - 35 - 53     18
  I bought 10 tickets,five with the number #8,and five with the number #18 as a Powerball #.
Played Quick Pick on all tickets.Won on 4 tickets.
Powerball plus one number=$4.00
$4.00 X 4 =$16....a $4 loss....oh well

Last Edited: January 13, 2021, 12:03 am

Entry #101
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November 21, 2020, 1:00 am7 Green Lights = 7G= 77= #27 Lucky4Life Winner a Big Win$6,

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020

Lucky4Life     5    16    27    35    36    (4)
On Thursday Nov 19,my friend Paul,and I  heard the Royal Buffet is open in Willimantic,CT.
I drove,on main street,all the intersection lights were Green,I was counting as I passed through them.Seven Green lights.I told Paul I'm playing number 4,on the Lucky4Life Drawing.He replied,"G for Green is number 7".I said,"Yeah,I know,but  the number 4 dog(Greyhounds)wears a green cape."
Green =#4
Green=letter G=#7
Green Lights=GL= G=7   L=12 or one-number two   GL=72 =  Number too high=Reverse #=27
7 Green Lights=7G=77 or two sevens=#27
Willimantic =W=23    or 33
Main  Street= M=13 or  #3    S=19  or #9    MS=#39
Royal Buffet=RB=  18 or #8   Buffet= #2    RB=82  Reverse= #28
Numbers I played:
4   12   23   27  28   39   LuckyBall (4)
Loser......Hit ONE  NUMBER! #27   7G=Green  Lights!
$4.00   Winner......     Hit the Lucky Ball  (4)
$6.00     Winner.........Hit ONE  NUMBER! #27 with  the Lucky Ball  (4)
Spent $10.00
Collected $10.00
#5...E  ?     #16...P...effing! P =Paul!...   #35...CE..?    #36...CF...?

Entry #100
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November 21, 2020, 12:23 amEmployees Only Sign wins Powerball +(4)#'s NOT! WIN $107

Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020

4    5    17    43   52    (5)
On Saturday Nov 18,I visited Empire Buffet.The woman owner (Chen) had sheets of clear plexiglass surrounding the buffet food.The customers would tell Chen or an employee what food they want,and the plate would be passed through a small window.
    There are two white doors to enter the enclosed buffet food area.A customer followed Chen into the door for a take-out order.Chen told him,"No,you go outside,I give you food".
    Then later two women walked through the other door thinking they will serve themselves.Chen said,"No, I get you Buffet food".   
To clear things up,I drove to a local hardware store and to my surprise,I found the perfect sign.An aluminum 2X6 inch,with red letters;Employees Only.Perfect!
   I peeled off the back,and {stuck} the sign on both doors.
Later I thought......
Employees= letter E=#5
Only=letter O=#15 or  one-number five   #5
Employees Only=combined    #55   or two fives   = #25  twenty-five is also one quarter....    .25    or 1/4   or    14    or one number four  #4
Q for Quarter =17th letter
Sign=#19  letter S
Here are my numbers I played:
4   5   14   15 17   19   55   Powerball Numbers=#19   #5   #15
Had #4,#5,#17 with #(19)=$7.00 Winner
Had #4,#5,#17 with #(5)=$100.00 Winner
Spent $10   Collected  $107
$97 Profit  !
Crazy thing is Empire Buffet= EB=#52,the 4th Number!
FOUR NUMBERS PLUS POWERBALL=$50,000.00 !      How did I NOT play Empire Buffet?
As for the last #43,.......DC......?

Entry #99
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October 22, 2020, 1:22 pmPowerball WIN $100 Woodstock Fair CT Free Food 10.21.2020

Powerball Wednesday, October 21

01  03  13  44  56    (26)
On Wednesday Oct 21st,the local food pantries gave out Free Food at the Woodstock Fair in Woodstock,Connecticut.
A long line of cars,maybe 200.Drove thru the main gate.We were told  to wear our Mask in our vehicles,or no Free Food.
People were complaining.Had  to  open a rear door,workers put one box,plus a gallon of milk.
   Earlier I drove my girl to an Appointment with a Doctor.An hour later,to  another Appointment with a Doctor.
To recap:
Free Food  FF=66=26 Two sixes
Woodstock Fair=W=23,33   Fair=F=6    WF=236,336  =236---2 with 666 or 26   336---23 with 6 or 336--36
Appointments =A= #1   Two Appointments
Two Appointments with Doctors= AD=14, =#4    AD=14=#4     =#44

Powerball Wednesday, October 21
01  03  13  44  56    (26)
#1   Hit   Appointments
#3 Miss
#13 Hit    Mask
#44 Hit    Appointment Doctors
#56  Miss
(26) Hit    Free Food + Woodstock Fair  2666= 26

3#'s with Powerball=$100.00
Spent $10   Won $100! 
$90.00 Profit!
About Time!

Last Edited: October 22, 2020, 1:42 pm

Entry #98
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October 18, 2020, 2:31 amBorrow $,pay here,pay there.Paid off.. $32=Powerball Win !

Today,Sunday Oct 18,2020
Borrow $,pay here,pay there.Paid off.. $32=Powerball Win !
   A few weeks ago I borrowed $100 from my friend (P***)
I paid back some bucks,here and there.
Yesterday,Saturday Oct 17,2020  I paid off the remaining balance.
   Remaining balance =$32.00
I gave him three tens,and two ones.

Powerball Saturday, October 17
    06   10   31   37   44    (PB)23

The highest powerball number is number #26
I wanted to play #32
#32 is too high,so I reversed it.32=23
What did I do yesterday ?   I Paid my friend (P***)PP= #16,#16  =#6,#6
I gave my friend (P***) 3 tens= 3,10's= 310=#'s 3 and 31 and 10
   I bought 7 Powerball tickets with #23 as the Powerball
Hit all 7 tickets.
Had 3 winning tickets with 6,10   and  Powerball    $7
Had 3 winning tickets with 10,31 and  Powerball     $7
Had 1 winning ticket   with only the     Powerball     $4    Spent $14   Win $18    YAAEFFNNG a $4 WIN !
   How did I miss playing 6,10, AND 31 on ONE TICKET?   A $100.00 LOSS!

Last Edited: October 18, 2020, 2:32 am

Entry #97
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September 21, 2020, 10:58 pmAug 20 2020 Free Shoes=Lucky4Life Win $1000 a Day XNOTX!

Aug 20 2020 Free Shoes=Lucky4Life Win $1000 a Day XNOTX!
  My neighbor asked me what my Shoe Size is.
Size 11.Why?
"I bought these for my husband,they are too wide.You can have them-Free"
Right away I knew number 9,was going to be the Lucky Ball for tonight's Lucky4Life drawing.
S for Shoes.19th letter of the alphabet.But the highest LuckyBall # is 18.Easy fix.19=One number nine.
   Drove to Harbor Freight in Dayville,CT,to buy a digital amp tester.Sold out.Store in Worcester MA,has them in stock. 
Hit the highway,got off exit 1,Webster MA,to get gas.Couldn't turn left at stop sign.Ambulance,EMT,police...
    A yellow motorcycle was parked on the side of the road,an EMT was trying to relive the motorcycle operator,no  response.He's Dead!
Got back on highway.Drove to  Harbor Freight.Bought amp tester.
   Next to Harbor Freight is a Buffet--Super Chinese Buffet.I was laughing,why is the Buffet Super? Superman eats there?
I thought...19 or 9  for the letter S,and 3 for the letter C Chinese  =93   too high-reverse=39
   Then I look and see Harbor Freight,H=8 or 18
ok,I will play them later.....
    Got back to Conn nact ti cut,filled out the Lucky4Life sheet/card....
1      =Ambulance 
13    =MA
16     =Poliice
5       =EMT
11     =My Shoe Size
9       Shoes-Free
Did I play #39?  Super Chinese?
Did I play #40?  Dead Motorcycle Operator ?   I thought,  dead=4 or 14 ....
Did I play #9?
Did I play #19?
     Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020
    9  11  18  39  40   (9)
Hit the #9 and #11 with Lucky Ball =$25
Hit the #9 and #11 with Lucky Ball =$25
Hit #11 with Lucky Ball =$6
Hit #9   with Lucky Ball =$6
Hit Lucky Ball=$4
   Spent $10  Collected $66  $55 profit
Had them ALL!
What the ?
My mind went blank....?
9(Shoe)   11(Shoe Size)   18(Harbor)   39(Super Chicken 93-reversed)   40(Dead Motorcycle Operator)    Lucky Ball (9) (Shoes-free}
$1,000.00 a Day----once again---missed out---

Entry #96
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September 17, 2020, 11:03 pmVisit to Junk Yard wins $1,000.00 a Day Lucky4Life But

Visit to Junk Yard wins $1,000.00 a Day for Life....But.......
    I did it again!
Picked all the 5 numbers and the Lucky Ball, but all on different tickets!
   On Sunday,September 13th,I called up my girl,asked her if she wanted to go to the Junk Yard with me,(tomorrow,Monday) to buy a rim and tire for my truck. She said ,"Yes she will go".I also told her I would play the Letter J,for Junk Yard in Monday's Night Lucky4Life Drawing.J= 10th letter in the alphabet. #10.
    Monday morning,I pick up my girl.I tell her we should drive to the Eastford Transfer Station to see if there are any good used tires.
We go to the Eastford Transfer Station,I see the manager,Mr. "B",I ask him if I can take a look into the tire trailer for a good used tire.He said,"Go ahead".
   I find two good tires.
Great!  Now at the Junk Yard,all I need is a rim.A little bit cheaper than a tire and rim.
      We stop at the New Family Dollar Store in Eastford.We buy a cold soda and a cold water.
We drive to the Junk Yard,I go out searching for a rim,and/or a tire and rim.
I find 2 rims on a truck,but there is no room for my hydraulic jack to lift up the tire.
   I do find a new donut tire in the bed of the truck.Six lug nut holes-Good...
I show the owner the donut tire and ask him if it should fit my truck.
He replies ,"Yeah it will fit,if your truck has 5 lugs".
What the?
I thought I counted 6 lug nut holes..
   The owner told me to come back in 30 minutes,his crew will get me a tire.
I come back,the 2-man crew delivers the tire to my truck.Perfect!
   I drive to a friend's house.He looks at the 2 free tires and says they are in good condition.
Then he starts laughing.
   They sold you a 5 lug nut rim/tire!
What the?
Two times I get a 5 lug nut tire/rim on the same day!
   I call the Junk Yard,owner said to stop by Tuesday...
Anyway .....
Junk Yard= J=#10
Drive to Eastford=D + E =45
Mr. B in Eastford= BE=25
2 Tires T=#20 or #2
Family Dollar =FD=64  64 is too high of a number----reverse 64  =46
Donut 6 lugs (I thought) D6=46
Donut 5 lugs =D5=45
Rim=R=18 or #8
   What did I do? You guessed it,I'm too cheap,I buy 2 tickets,without the Lucky Ball...#10  !
Drawn Numbers: 2  5  25  45  46    (10) Lucky Ball

I need help!

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January 9, 2020, 5:33 pmTonight LuckyForLife, no clues? but maybe these #'s will win...

January 9,2020
Lucky For Life
          Tonight LuckyForLife, no clues? but maybe these #'s will win...  13   24  37  45  56   (8)???

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