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October 7, 2016, 3:19 amHurricane Matthew hits the Lottery again! Lucky4life !

Hurricane Matthew hits the Lottery again!  Lucky4life !
     Hurricane Matthew hit the Powerball yesterday,Wednesday,Oct 5th,2016...Hit the Powerball #(15) with 2 numbers! (8,18)
The very next day,actually night, Hurricane Matthew Hit the Lucky4life drawing!...
     October 6, 2016
21-24-28-31-45    LB-15

21 ?--24?--28?--31?--45?--   Lucky Ball--15   Hell Yeah! Hit it dead on!

21 the letter U   ....nothing.....BA--?
24 the letter X   ....nothing.....BD...?
28  the letters BH....nothing   
31  the letters CA....nothing
45   the letters DE...nothing
Hurricane Matthew =HM=8,13=8,3=83.Eighty three is too large,so we reverse it...38....Thirty eight did not come in...But the Lucky4life Ball came in!

Yeah Hooo!  a $4 Dollar Winner!  and I forgot to buy a ticket!  <snip>,I would have played 8,18,with ?,?,? and #15 as the Lucky Ball !
Who knows,maybe just playing the #15 as the Lucky Ball with 5 quick pick numbers,would have hit a big winner!
        5 Numbers + Lucky Ball      $7,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE
     5 Numbers      $25,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE
     4 Numbers + Lucky Ball      $5,000
4 Numbers      $200     
3 Numbers + Lucky Ball      $150     
3 Numbers      $20     
2 Numbers + Lucky Ball      $25     
2 Numbers     $3     
1 + Lucky Ball     $6     
Lucky Ball      $4      =average payoffs, may change per drawing,depends on how many winning tickets are sold ...

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October 7, 2016, 2:38 amHurricane Matthew hits Powerball ! Did I win?...

October 5, 2016
8-18-27-29-60    PB-15
     On Wednesday I filled out a Powerball card with the (H) for Hurricane .8th letter of the alphabet.Also the #18...=8,18 for Powerball #'s.....plus I played them as regular numbers ...
When I arrived home,I checked the Yahoo web page to check out the latest scoop on the Hurricane.What do I see?...A color photo of the Hurricane with a skull in the center  of the  Hurricane!...I'm thinking....okay,yeah,I got it covered.8,or 18 will be the Powerball tonight...
     I'm looking at this demon looking photo of Hurricane Matthew,and it hit me!.....!.....it's too late now to buy a Powerball ticket! 10;45 pm!
     Clear as day! Same as the Tornado that hit Oklahoma a while back!...I should have checked the internet earlier !
Round & Round we go,a big,huge,monstrous  Hurricane !.... O ...Evil Uhh.....oh,the letter O ! the Hurricane looks like a huge Circle,same as O !
    Powerball numbers drawn=   

8  Hit it !
18 Hit it !
27  Missed
29  Missed
60  Missed .....Powerball # 15  Missed!
  ,15,the letter O !  I did not win anything! Had two numbers,need three...
Two #'s with the Powerball wins $7.00 !  that's all! ....well,I bought only 2 tickets,$4 bucks gone....

Last Edited: October 7, 2016, 2:39 am

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September 15, 2016, 11:46 pmHurricane Hermine hits on Powerball Sept 10 2016

Hurricane Hermine hits on Powerball
Hurricane Hermine (H)=8
Hurricane Hermine hit,then I played the number 8 on Powerball on Sept 7 & 10
Won on the Powerball (8) on Sept 10
Win $4   Spent $20  profit -$16.....

Entry #61
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September 15, 2016, 11:32 pmDead on Hit for Lucky4Life Lucky Ball 10

Just hit the Lucky4Life lotto drawing!
Numbers Drawn for Thurs Sept 15 2016: 1  4  16 28  29   Lucky Ball: 10
A friend of mine went to Jail for a vehicle infraction.
Played the letter J for Jail.(10th) letter of the alphabet.
Spent $20,10 tickets
Will collect $40
I picked all losing numbers,but I did win on the Lucky Ball

Entry #60
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January 24, 2016, 5:41 pmSnow Storm=Easiest Powerball Prediction,but I Snowed In !

Snow Storm Saturday... Easy Powerball Prediction...but I snowed in,could not buy a ticket!



...........Winning Powerball Numbers 1/23/2016.....22 32 34 40 69 (19)                     


Last Edited: January 24, 2016, 5:51 pm

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January 19, 2016, 4:16 pmWrong exit wins $$

Last night I drove my car to pick up friend.I got onto the highway by accident.I got off next exit(14)pulled a u-turn.Later,I was driving friend home,opposite direction, by accident,not paying attention,I got on highway again! Drove off highway,exit (14)drove on a different road to her home.

I later bought two Lucky4Life tickets with the number (14,4) as the Lucky Ball.The five numbers were quick picks.

  Lucy4Life numbers drawn   1-18-2016

           2  12  26  41  48    (4)    Hit the Lucky Ball #4  Won $4.00  none of the computer numbers matched.

Entry #58
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January 16, 2016, 1:59 pmTrip to NY wins Powerball Billion...on paper! Had em All !

Recap trip to NY (1-12-2016)

Powerball Winning Numbers ......(1-13-2016)        4  8  19  27  43    (10)

4= D = drive to NY

8=H or 18=R  eighth letter of alphabet or   18= one eight

19=S 19th letter of alphabet    I did not play #9 

27=BG  Buy Gas or Chen Bought Groceries (5 boxes) The agreement was Chen was to buy gas to NY.I paid,Chen never paid me back.I was mad.

34= I forgot to mention in last post.While in NY,I seen this red sign,Welcome to ChinaTown NY.ChinaTown was one word.I thought...C=3...N=14=4..CN=34

  Powerball #10 =(J) 10th letter of alphabet   Walked by waitress (June) who quit Chen's restaurant in Oct,then moved to California to be with her parents.The odds of seeing June,in NY?....like hitting the lottery.

  I had all Powerball Numbers plus the Powerball Number !

                  I'm thinking everyone who is reading my blog,is thinking,"Yeah Right,after the fact"...No Bullsh*tting,all my blogs are true.

Last Edited: January 16, 2016, 2:01 pm

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January 14, 2016, 1:44 amTrip to NY wins Powerball #10 buy 5 tickets I effing brain dead !

Trip to NY wins Powerball #10 buy 5 tickets I effing brain dead !.....
                                         if u r new here,read below first to understand how I pick numbers.Thanks...
      I have to be effing brain dead !  How much more of a coincidence do I need !
I drive Chen to NY to attend a wedding.3 hours driving,one way.I meet Chen's nephew {Sam}Chen leaves.We walk around for a few hours.Sam leaves,Chen & I walk to the building where the wedding takes place.We cross an intersection and out of thousands of people in NY,who do I see?
...June,the waitress of whom I bought lobster for back in Sept..She quit the restaurant in Oct,then she moved to Calif....I called June then sent her a text.I typed...Hey June,either u have a twin or u r in ny?..she types back..I am in ny,but u have me mixed up with someone else...I reply...u just crossed an intersection with a guy,in brooklyn,ny...."Yes it was me" she replied....
      June moved to Calif back in Oct.What are the odds of meeting her?...Way too high....that's not the worst part....during the wedding,I see a girl,wearing no ring.I ask chen if she is married,the girl tells me,..."I am married,I lost my ring"  i felt like an idiot...that was about it for trying to win over one billion !..........
Meet June= [J]=#10 or #1
Meet Sam =[S]=#19 or # 9
Ring=[R]=#18 or #8
....I could use the number [4] for [D]Driving to ny,or bg=27,buy gas,but the main topic here is the huge odds of meeting June.
Winning Powerball Numbers for Wed Jan 12 2016.....4    8    19    27    34     {10] Powerball
#4    Could have had it  d [4] for drive
#8    Could have had it  r [18 or 8] for ring
#19  Could have had it  s [19] for Sam
#27  Not a clue.....what the fu@* !, chen bought boxes of groceries,and we loaded it into my car !buy groceries, i buy gas,i mad...
#34  Not a clue.....cd......??
#10 Powerball ......[J]  .Hit it Dead....
Powerball with 4 numbers= $50,000 !!!     I bought only 5 winning tickets !.Powerball with one number=$4.00x5=$20.00....but I bought a bunch of losing Quick Picks!....
Seeing June in ny...the odds are so high, what do I need,someone like....God or Jesus to appear with the winning numbers? After all these coincidences!  Duh.....I brain dead....Another one last week,cut my finger with knife [K]=#11,yeah the Luckyball was 11...??...dah....48,919

Last Edited: January 14, 2016, 2:09 am

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October 20, 2015, 5:48 amQuick Pick gave me the winning ball,that's all !

On Monday,Oct 19, I played 5 quick picks for Lucky4Life game...
When I looked at my ticket,the computer picked the number (14) as the Lucky Ball number on all 5 tickets!
I knew 14 was not coming up,but 14 also= #4...one-four...
So what did I do?.....Cheap ass me, I bought two tickets with the Lucky Ball #4...
Drawn numbers Lucky4Life oct 19 2015...
12-16-19-29-42     LB-4
I did not match any other number....Won $4.00 on each ticket....Spent $14.....Collected  $8.00.....not good...lost on the 5 quick picks....

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October 3, 2015, 12:58 amBuy Lobster at Stop & Shop wins $$ !! Lucky4life 9-28-15

On Monday Sept 28,2015   I picked up waitress,we went to a small grocery store....the "Asian Grocery"...we did not buy anything..We then went to Stop & Shop grocery store and bought a lobster and a watermelon...the waitress wanted to see where the "Yamato" restaurant is located,so we stopped by the restaurant...That's about all that happened on Monday...
   Let's convert the places and items into numbers by using the first letter of the word/words...
Waitress=W=23 or 33
Asian Grocery=AS=17
Stop & Shop=S=19 or 9.......=SS=19+19=9+=29
Watermelon=W=23, or 33
.....................Winning Lucky4life Numbers:         8  19  25  32  48 Lucky Ball  12
I only played one ticket,but I hit on the 19,25 with the Lucky Ball  12    ....Collected $25.00....$23.00 profit....Have not played the lottery for a long time,only play when something 'different' happens....Buying lobster with waitress was a rare happening....

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February 27, 2015, 3:04 amDrive 4 Chen 3 SS 19 Mohegan 13 Foxwoods Casino 63/36 $$

Today drove Chen to the Social Security Office...Last night I had to pick up a waitress at the casino.I drove to Foxwoods Casino & waited for the 10;30 PM bus.I got a phone call from the waitress that she was getting off the bus now.I looked out the window at the bus station...What bus? There are no buses outside!...Oh crap! She's at Mohegan Casino! Yeah she traveled to  the Mohegan Casino.I never pick anyone up at Mohegan Casino since Foxwoods Casino is closer.Any way,15 minutes later I picked her up..And that was the excitement for today...Thursday Feb  26  2015..
     I have a ticket here for Win4Life,actually I have 5 tickets here.Yeah you guessed it! All or most of the numbers I have but on separate tickets!!
     Lucky4Life    February 26, 2015
3-4-19-22-36 LB-13
3  Hit it  (D) Drove
4  Hit it (Chen)
19  Hit it (S) Social Security.....S(19)Yeah.....SS=99=29....& 9..... This number was too easy to pick today ....
22  Missed it
36  Hit it Foxwoods Casino (FC)=63=36...
      13 Lucky Ball   Hit it   (M) for Mohegan ... Mohegan Casino (13/3) (33) Lucky Balls go to 18,Nothing Higher,played 13 (M)
I was not too happy when the waitress was at Mohegan waiting for me,I was at Foxwoods waiting for her!!
Did I have one ticket with 4 numbers?....NO!!
I have 1 ticket with 2 numbers & the Powerball for $25..& one ticket with one number & the Powerball..for $6..
Spent $10  got back $21...$11 profit....What the PH#@#??.....On 5 tickets I have 4 numbers &  the Powerball,mixed,but not on one ticket!!
    4 & Powerball=$5,000.....Played 3,4,19,29,9,14,26,23,33,36.......One of these days...Just Wait.......I will finally win it,$1,000 every day !!!
   I play the first letter of the word/words in alphabetical order....B=2    M=13      T=20   Z=26      777=37      77=27    17/7=7  etc....

Last Edited: February 27, 2015, 3:07 am

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February 22, 2015, 1:01 amKnocking at my door:Wake up! Put on new Brake Pads! $$

Knocking at my door:Wake up! Put on new Brake Pads! $$$$
What the ?  I woke up hearing someone screaming to me....I need new brake pads! If you put them on,I will pay you!
I put my Hydraulic Jack in my car & my "Zap" gun.(Battery Impact Gun)
Drove to friend's house,jacked up his car,rotated 2 tires & replaced brake pads.
Later I helped carry some logs through the 3 feet of snow.I was wearing sneakers!
My friend received his income tax return today.He paid the landlord $1200 in rent.Big bucks spent at one time.
Got a phone call to go to Al-Dee's Grocery Store & buy celery & milk..
That was about it for today,as far as activities goes...my feet were frozen all afternoon from walking in the woods wearing sneakers.3 feet of snow.
Brake Pads=B =2   P = 16,6....=26
Hydraulic Jack=H =8,18   J=1,10  HJ=81  Too High/reverse number=18
Zap Gun=Z =26  G=7,17   ZG=??
Frozen Feet =FF = 66 =26
Neighbor paid big buck for back rent...BR=28
Numbers Drawn for Powerball...2-21=2015
   10  14  18  34  51  PB  26
10...played #1 instead of #10                               Missed
14...Hit it,played A & D for Al-Dee's grocery store.    Hit
18...Hit it.played HJ for Hydraulic Jack                     Hit
34...Missed it             C & D ??                                 Missed
51...Missed it   E & A ??                                            Missed
  Powerball (PB) 26    Hit it....FF    BP                           Hit
            Only bought 5 tickets!   Hit the Powerball on one ticket!  Hit 2 numbers on one ticket...Need Three #'s to Win.. !!
Total Won with Frozen Feet(66=26) & Brake Pads(26)= $4.00  Spent  $10   Lost $6.00....Yeah I screwed up....While my feet  were frozen,I kept telling myself......FF  66   26   Powerball.....& then to re-enforce the 26 number.....BP   2 & 16,6  26 Again....I fill out the cards & get Alzheimers !!
      I will post my daily activities before the lottery drawings...That way,you, the person reading my post can decide how to play my picks...
Guaranteed someone would have loaded up on the FF 26    Powerball with Power Play...

Last Edited: February 22, 2015, 1:13 am

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February 12, 2015, 12:59 am19 Easiest Powerball Number 2 Pick Only bought 6 Tickets !!

Powerball Feb 11 2015
11-13-25-39-54 PB-19
11  The 11th letter=K   Today nothing I did starts with the letter K...
11 is the same as 21...Two Ones=The letter U...nothing I did starts with the letter U..
13  The 13th letter=M   Drove "Mom" to the Empire Buffet...a Chinese woman of whom I call "Mom"...& drove to a Mall....
25  The 25th letter=Y   Nothing I did starts with the letter Y...but Empire Buffet =EB=52 or 25...
39  The letters CI=      Nothing I did today starting with the letters C & I.....
54   The letters  ED=    Nothing I did today starting with the letters E & D.....
................ BUT I DID DRIVE TO THE MALL TO GO TO A STORE CALLED:  Swarovski......the letter "S"  !!!!
S is the 19th letter of the alphabet & I bought only 6 Tickets !!  But to cover my butt,the letter 'S' is also the number 9...So I bought 6 tickets with the Powerball "9"....And 6 tickets with the letter "N"  for necklace,of which I bought...N= 14...Yeah 6 tickets with the Powerball 14.....
    Let me check my Losing Powerball '9' tickets & my Powerball losing  '14' tickets.....
Powerball tickets with '9' as the Powerball
3 losers   3 more losers
Powerball tickets with '14' as the Powerball
6 losers
Winning 6 Powerball Tickets with the Powerball...all quick picks.....
17 25 45 47 48  PB 19  Hit the 25                             One plus the Powerball= $4.00
8 17 20 25 54    PB 19  Hit the 25  Hit the 54            Two plus the Powerball= $7.00
3 7 18 26 30      PB 19  Missed All 5 Numbers            Zero plus the Powerball=$4.00
24 25 42 58 59  PB 19  Hit the 25                              One plus the Powerball= $4.00
2 3 28 43 52      PB 19   Missed All 5 Numbers           Zero plus the Powerball=$4.00
34 40 42 44 58  PB 19   Missed All 5 Numbers           Zero plus the Powerball=$4.00
   Total Won with the 19 Powerball Picked Dead=  $27.00 !!    $27.00-minus 6 losers(14)=$15.00- -minus 6 losers(9)=$3.00...the cost of the 6 winning tickets=$12.00== $-9.00 !!   Won ZERO!!  Lost $9.00 !!!!  Spent $36.00 Won $27.00 !! 
I should have not played all quick picks....Since I went to the Mall & drove 'Mom" to the Empire Buffet,I should have had all tickets with 13 & 25 plus the Powerball 19.....Once again I did not analyze today's activities except for the Powerball 19...the letter 'S'  for Swarovski............I should have posted a prediction earlier.I did have a 2 hour period before the Powerball Drawing.....oh well,

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February 3, 2015, 2:53 amPatriots 28-24 Win Won me 2 Winning Win4Life Tickets!

Today I decided to play the Super Bowl Football Game from yesterday.I wrote down the names of the teams & Win Loss & the scores & converted them into lottery numbers to play for the Win4Life drawing....
Patriots= P= 16 or 6
Seahawks=S=19 or 9
Won = W= 23 or 33
Lost =L= 12 or 2
Score/Scores = 28-24
Radio=R = 18 or 8    No sh*t,I listened on the Radio,to the last quarter while driving my car.
February 2, 2015                            February 2, 2015
7-11-18-19-28 LB-16                      7-11-18-19-28 LB-16
Ticket #1                                          Ticket #2
Missed the 7                                      Missed the 7 
Missed the 11                                    Missed the 11
Hit the 18                                           Missed the 18
Hit the 19                                           Hit the 19
Hit the 28                                           Hit the 28   
Hit the Lucky Ball  16                          Missed the Lucky Ball  16
  Hit 3 & the Lucky Ball !  =$150.00 !!    Hit 2 Balls !  =$3.00 !!
         Spent $4.00  Won $153.00  ==$149.00 Win !!

Entry #50
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January 9, 2015, 1:24 amA Parking Ticket for 2 Hours Pays me $100 !! But $3,000 ??

A Parking Ticket for 2 Hours Expiration!  I was pissed off !!  But,
Today (Jan 8 2015) Yeah Long Time No Entry.....Missed using this Lotto Page.....Too Much Going on,did not play Lottery too much...
Today I parked my car in the middle of a parking lot.All the parking spaces around the outside of the parking lot have signs with a left-right arrow stating 2 Hour Parking.But in the middle of the parking lot there are no signs posted.Only signs with arrows left/right on the outer parking spots!
    I parked,went shopping,came back,seen a $20.00 parking ticket on my car! I chased down the police officer and explained the signs are all on the outer parking spaces,& to show me a sign for no parking in the middle of the parking lot.He could not find a sign.He then told me I had 72 hours to pay the $20 dollar fine or the fine would be $30 dollars!
I drove to the police station & complained about the signs everywhere but no signs in the middle of the parking lot.They threw it out! Ripped it up!!
......So I thought...........(P)  Parking (T)Ticket   2 (H) Hour   20   $20 Dollar Fine.....
Numbers Played for Thursday Lucky 4 Life....Jan 8 2015...
1   the Letter A........  I looked, A effing Parking Ticket!!
16 the letter P.........   Parking
20  the letter T.........  Ticket
26   Parking Ticket....(P) (T)=16 & 20=62 too high=REVERSE #== 26
28  2 (H)=8  Hour Parking
27 the 72 hour time to pay the ticket,72 is too high a number,so Reverse the 72=27
30  the price for the ticket if not paid in 72 hours
Numbers Drawn Jan 8 2015 Lucky 4 Life....
    1-16-20-35-43 LB-28
Hit  on the 1
Hit on the 16
Hit on the 20
Missed the 35
Missed the 43
Hit the Lucky Ball  28  Two Hour  Easy Pick !!!!
   Lucky Ball plus 3 numbers= $100 !!!!      I Won $100 !!  Not really,spent $8.00...
35 & 43 for today ??........C&E.....D&C....
Wait !!!   Today I mailed out a Money Order at the Post Office......M(13) O(15) or MO= 35 !!!!!!! Forgot about the Money Order !!!!.
Plus I took out $35.00 at the bank !!   #35 !!!!   Forgot about it !!
      ,Lucky Ball plus Four Numbers= $3,000 !!!!
Went to Habitat for Humanity,looking for a screen door....
.......43.....DC.....Bought a wood door at Habitat for Humanity......W=23 or 33 Door= (D)=4       234.......334........34 ??? Almost !!
    Once again I did not write down all today's activities before converting them down to numbers!! Could have possibly won $3,000 !!Won $100 !!

Last Edited: January 9, 2015, 1:25 am

Entry #49
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