Borrow $,pay here,pay there.Paid off.. $32=Powerball Win !



Today,Sunday Oct 18,2020
Borrow $,pay here,pay there.Paid off.. $32=Powerball Win !
   A few weeks ago I borrowed $100 from my friend (P***)
I paid back some bucks,here and there.
Yesterday,Saturday Oct 17,2020  I paid off the remaining balance.
   Remaining balance =$32.00
I gave him three tens,and two ones.

Powerball Saturday, October 17
    06   10   31   37   44    (PB)23

The highest powerball number is number #26
I wanted to play #32
#32 is too high,so I reversed it.32=23
What did I do yesterday ?   I Paid my friend (P***)PP= #16,#16  =#6,#6
I gave my friend (P***) 3 tens= 3,10's= 310=#'s 3 and 31 and 10
   I bought 7 Powerball tickets with #23 as the Powerball
Hit all 7 tickets.
Had 3 winning tickets with 6,10   and  Powerball    $7
Had 3 winning tickets with 10,31 and  Powerball     $7
Had 1 winning ticket   with only the     Powerball     $4    Spent $14   Win $18    YAAEFFNNG a $4 WIN !
   How did I miss playing 6,10, AND 31 on ONE TICKET?   A $100.00 LOSS!

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