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Employees Only Sign wins Powerball +(4)#'s NOT! WIN $107


Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020

4    5    17    43   52    (5)
On Saturday Nov 18,I visited Empire Buffet.The woman owner (Chen) had sheets of clear plexiglass surrounding the buffet food.The customers would tell Chen or an employee what food they want,and the plate would be passed through a small window.
    There are two white doors to enter the enclosed buffet food area.A customer followed Chen into the door for a take-out order.Chen told him,"No,you go outside,I give you food".
    Then later two women walked through the other door thinking they will serve themselves.Chen said,"No, I get you Buffet food".   
To clear things up,I drove to a local hardware store and to my surprise,I found the perfect sign.An aluminum 2X6 inch,with red letters;Employees Only.Perfect!
   I peeled off the back,and {stuck} the sign on both doors.
Later I thought......
Employees= letter E=#5
Only=letter O=#15 or  one-number five   #5
Employees Only=combined    #55   or two fives   = #25  twenty-five is also one quarter....    .25    or 1/4   or    14    or one number four  #4
Q for Quarter =17th letter
Sign=#19  letter S
Here are my numbers I played:
4   5   14   15 17   19   55   Powerball Numbers=#19   #5   #15
Had #4,#5,#17 with #(19)=$7.00 Winner
Had #4,#5,#17 with #(5)=$100.00 Winner
Spent $10   Collected  $107
$97 Profit  !
Crazy thing is Empire Buffet= EB=#52,the 4th Number!
FOUR NUMBERS PLUS POWERBALL=$50,000.00 !      How did I NOT play Empire Buffet?
As for the last #43,.......DC......?

Entry #99


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