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2night MegaMillion,Here R my #'s.I dare U2 play them! =10#'s


Last Edited: January 7, 2020, 8:43 pm

Today January 7  2020
A friend picked me up to go to the Book Barn in Niantic,CT.On the way,I cashed in last nights Lucky For Life Tickets.A $6 winner,another $6 winner,and a $20 winner.Total won= $32.I bought 2  1-liter bottles of water for the price of 2 for $2.
    While in the book store, I bought 1 book.
    We then drove to the Book Barn(#2). I bought 3 books.
Goodwill was our next stop.I bought 1 book,and a Keno (Ct Lottery)T-shirt.
     Then we traveled to the Royal Buffet in Willimantic,CT.We were on Route 32.While driving we came upon a slow dump truck.On the rear of the truck was the 'Truck's number;#32'. We passed the truck.
    We arrived at the Royal Buffet.My friend and I walked next door and I bought  5 one dollar scratch tickets,to give to the waitress later.I scanned all 5 tickets and had a $2 winner and a $8 winner,total=$10's Won.Actually $10-$5=+$5...I cashed in the $8 winner and played one Keno game playing 5 numbers.I hit zip,zero numbers except for the last number drawn,#22.
    We ate the buffet,our waitress won $2 on a ticket.Another waitress gave me $3,to buy her a $3 ticket.So I bought 2 $3 tickets.I don't know if they won on the tickets.
Book Barn=BB=#22
Cashed in a $6, another $6,  and a $20 winning ticket.=   #6,#6,#20
Bought water 2 for $2=#22
Route 32=#32
Number on dump truck; 32=#32
Buy 1 book;(Book Barn)=b1b=212=#12,or #2,or #20
Buy 1 book;(Goodwill)   =b1b=212=#12,or #2,or #20
Buy Keno T-shirt=bkt=2112=two number ones,(#11)and one number two.(#2)
Go to Royal Buffet=RB=18,8  B=2   total=82  82 too high;Reverse:#28
#2 winner   $8 winner  total=$10 winner=#2,#8=total=#28   also #10
Hit last number on keno;22=#22
    Found a thrown-in the trash,a $2 winner!=#2
That's about it for today.Too many numbers to choose from for tonight's MegaMillion Drawing!
    Here are the numbers;I'll let the readers of this post choose the numbers to play....Good Luck,you have approximately 1 hour and a 1/2
2  6  8  10  11 12  20  22  ..........28  32
   Buy 8 tickets,play all 8 numbers as the MegaBall.....Just a suggestion.(P.S.)if some hits with these #'s,send me 10%.....

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