Computer clock [ how do you ]


How do you change the time on the screen.

I am on msn with micro windows.

I searched to find how but can not find it.

I am still whinnin about those bags.



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Avatar Amber88 -
I just right-clicked on the time and went to "adjust date/time". Hope that helps!
Avatar JAP69 -
Thank you Amber 88
Very much appreciated.
That done the trick. I would have looked for ages to find that.
So much to learn on computers when I have not been schooled in their use.

Avatar Bryan -
Howdy John,

You can download the fix with the link below and then you won't have to deal with it anymore.

Outlook (Office version) can be affected if you download this. (calendar section) Be sure to read about that first if you use it.

It is not to be confused with Outlook Express, if you use that for your mail.

Give me a holler if you have any trouble.

Bryan :)
Avatar Amber88 -
You're very welcome!
Avatar Ms. Pat -
Go to start click on my computer, click on change setting, click on date/time you should see a clock and arrow up 1 hour and cliick OK
Ms. Pat
Avatar emilyg -
on mine   control panel - time and date
Avatar justxploring -
Emily, you can save yourself a couple of steps if you right click your mouse on the time as Amber88 suggested. You should see "adjust time date." Same thing really. I use my control panel a lot too.

I had already downloaded the patch from Microsoft. To anyone who has XP (version 2) it's a good idea to keep your windows automatic updates on. If you don't like the interruptions, then you can set it just to notify you when there are downloads available. Just a suggestion.

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