Fluffy9999's Days System Collects Back To Back NY!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, as you know, fluffy recommends 000 and the 00 pairs and any 00x play like 001,002 etc on friday and saturday. So, on friday NY numbers evening 006 came in and fluffy's DAYS SYSTEM PLAY CAME IN, AND SAT MID NY 007 came in! So, back to back HITS FROM THE DAYS SYSTEM, BOTH THE NUMBER AND THE PAIRS! 047 and 007 are some of the DAYS SYSTEM PICKS WHICH SHOULD BE PLAYED EVERY WEEK on friday! An animal number came up about a week ago, and it was 845 and fluff played it here and there and dropped it and it came out straight, as well as playing 1920 on fri or so NY, and it came in on sat! Of course,1924 was in play as it should be for the DAYS SYSTEM! So, you can get off course easily, especially when a lot of signals, and some animal sign numbers are in there also. fluff plays THE RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAY OF 316 AND 777 FOR SAT EVENING AND SUNDAY MIDDAY, AND ALWAYS 623 ANIMAL NUMBER PICK ALSO! 770 AND 047 MAY BE A GOOD PLAY FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS, as well as getting in on DAYS SYSTEM MUST PLAY 777 AND 222 FOR TUES AND WED! 9999 in CONSTANT PLAY UNTIL WE HIT! 

     Best wishes from YOUR Lottery Team, fluffy9999, Cubby, and Tanner!

Entry #408


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