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powerball and a simple mind


Well.....As time goes on, you'll get a little bit better,  This week I finished, a "poster" I was working on.

It's all the winning numbers from 2006, I call it a 'poster' because it's really about 5 or 6 pieces of paper taped together,and I can hang it on the wall.

You can 'see' it better this way, other than toggling through alot of computer screens..... at least i can.  I've high-lighted the groups of numbers that hit together, per play.

And just like Mr. guesser said ....I noticed something, certain groups of numbers like each other and others don't. 

Anyway from what I was "seeing"  I decided to 'gut' it in the middle and go with a couple of 30's, and tail it off with a 40 something.

I went with 30, 35, and tail off with 42....... and quick pick the rest in that play. I didn't care about the rest....... I'm just getting myself in the right direction, or get myself in position for the next scene, or senerio. 

which did alright that time.  I only had 2 plays this time the other directional   was with a couple of 50's at the end..... quickie the rest

the computer gave me a 44 in that play....... I gues 42 ball just won't quit eefing with me.  The numbers were 4-27-30-39-44 (18)

By the way.... any comments or questions, are allowed here, even if all anybody wants to say is  ......thats the crazyest thing I ever saw......

I'll still be pecking away at it

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