fluffy9999's NY Vibe WED Evening...



     Hey, fluff here!  Yeah, fluff-dog at cha!  OK, well, fluff is liking 523,524,224,234 and of course 628 DAYS SYSTEM PICK IN EARLY AS WELL AS 222, and for pick 4 NY 1978,6060 and 8080! Must play is 254,628 and 1978! Don't spend a lot, until you have some hits, then you can spend a little more or invest the winnings, and you may want to play one ticket on the NY LOTTO tonight! Your favorite numbers of course! So, fluffy9999 IS AT THE TOP OF MISSOURI PICK 3, AND IS ON EVERY ALL STATES TOP 50 CHART EXCEPT THE FIRST ONE, ALL STATES ALL GAMES!  But, really what counts is that FOLKS ALL OVER THE FRUITTED PLAINS AND BEYOND( fluff hit good in quebec also with 254) are making some dough without breaking a sweat!  WHOEVER SAID THE LOTTERY DOES NOT PAY SO GOOD? Folks that read fluffs blogs and predictions are collecting regularly! That what fluffy9999's MISSION IS ALL ABOUT! Redistributing the wealth if you will! So keep up to date on fluff's latest predictions and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! Also 253 is a good back up to 254 because it  is an add-up number! BACK UP YOUR PLAYS WITH AN ADD-UP  NUMBER WHERE POSSIBLE AND YOU MAY BE IN THE MONEY SOON!

    Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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