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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS IN PLAY SUCH AS 357-5588-2280-1924-628-441 especially for sat evening, and Cubby's picks of 611,166,155,451,461 and of course RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS OF 316,777,333,2531 FOR SAT EVENING AND SUNDAY MIDDAY AND THESE ARE FOR ALL STATES! OK, fluff was talking to people at the lottery counter on thurs and did see a ticket for 202,022 and 6688 punched out that day, and both of these folks hit straight! fluff though why 202 and why was 220 sold out? Well, she played the date which was 2/20/20! WEll it was good for a straight hit that day! playing 6699 made more sense to fluff and talked to the woman about it, but did not put the 6688 in! That number has been highlighted by so many publications for years and nothing happened. Well, if you think about it and judge the number, then you sometimes get in trouble. If fluff had not thought about and put in in play, well that wing-it play would have produced a 2900$ hit!  OK, well powerball 4 looks good for many plays, and fluff like 6-9-28-41 like that for the BIG GAMES TONIGHT! Keep up to date with fluff blogs and predictions and may the luck be with you tonight!

     Best wishes from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #411


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