fluffy9999's 0202 wed NY Prediction HITS STRAIGHT NY!!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well 0202 FINALLY HIT NY STRAIGHT AND FLUFFY9999 PREDICTED IT!  WANT PROOF? Go BACK TO MARCH 25,2018 BLOG AND YOU WILL SEE THERE TO PLAY 0202 WED EVENING NY AS PART OF THE DAYS SYSTEM! Well, it did hit and straight! Now, fluff liked 2020 on wed and does play it weekly or so, but he pick the 0202 because it was out straight a long time! Now, fluff does give you the low down, with no time frame in mind. However, 2020 did show recently on his frequency system, but it went out a little longer this time, as does happen with this system. fluff did say someday 8888 will hit on a friday NY and some cat out there will collect 100k on this one! Same thing with the 0202, and a twenty spot would have been 100k, and a Franklin on this one would have been a 500,000 $ PAYDAY! But, as always, it takes patience and committment, but fluff did say TO ONLY PLAY IT ON WED, WHICH IS ONE DAY! fluff did say 8988 for sunday, and that one just came in for NY on monday eve boxed! So, let us play 8988 for sunday and go for the straight! Now, don't start thinking and say "aw, that will never come out"! Well, if you said that about 1010,8988,0202 then... Now, for thurs, fluff likes 628 and for a derivative play look at 495 for a while, 047 for wed and fri, and of course REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR FRI, AS IN FLUFF'S POSTED PREDICTIONS, AND RELIGIOUS DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR SAT EVEN AND SUN MIDDAY ALL STATES! Of course, 1924 in play to sat even, and of course 5588 and 2280 for the weekend, with 8988 for sunday!

    Best wishes to ALL from the crew, fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #412


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