Hey, fluffy9999 here! OK, now, fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORED A DIRECT HIT FRIDAY MIDDAY IN NY with 441! This number was posted on fluff's Predictions as 441 for friday, which is  A MUST PLAY NUMBER FOR FRIDAY!  OK, so a relative did not have enough self-discipline to stay on the DAYS SYSTEM SO he lost out on a bunch of picks! Right now, fluff wants to add 047 for wed TO THE DAYS SYSTEM, and must play for sat and sun is 5588,2280 and fluff would say to put 2888 in play for NY all week! 254 a good bet for sat, and 357 also this week! 1924 is a must play for sat also, and 611 and 461 for sat! YOU KNOW, THE BEST THING TO DO FOR ANYONE IS TO FOLLOW CLOSELY MAYBE 7 NUMBERS OR SO, AND PLAY THEM ON THE DAYS THEY COME OUT ON! If you see some angles getting close, you may want to put them into play! PICK OUT LONGEST STRAIGHT FOR PICK 4, AND PLAY THEM ON THE DAY THEY COME OUT ON! GO FOR BIG RETURNS AND A LITTLE BIT OF MONEY SPENT! THAT WAS 0202 NY WED, WHICH JUST HIT STRAIGHT! fluff recommends 0000 and 8888 for NY FRIDAY, but you have to get these days in advance, and you may have to go a week ahead to get 8888 for NY! You will only be spending very little, but if you hit the winnings could be substantial, 10, 20, 50k or higher! NOW FLUFF STILL SAYS SOMEDAY IN NY, 8888 WILL FINALLY COME IN AND SOME LOTTERY SHARK WILL HAVE IT FOR 100K OR 500K! All it takes is $100 straight on a number to do this, but $20 straight would be 100k! REMEMBER , IT ONLY TAKES ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS STRAIGHT TO GO LIABILITY EXCEEDED IN NY PICK4! The most ny will pay is 5 million on any pic 3 or pick 4 number! So, next BIG JACKPOT NUMBER IS 1924 FOR SAT EVEN, 2280 FOR WEEKEND, AND 5588 AND THESE ARE FOR NY and ALL STATES PLAYERS! Remember, never spend a lot and REMEMBER FLUFFY'S LOW BUCK HIGH RETURN PLAYS! As ALWAYS, IT TAKES A LOT OF PATIENCE, BUT IF YOU CAN GO THE LENGTH, YOU CAN GET THAT KING-GRAND PRIZE IN YOUR HAND!

     As always, keep a ticket or two in play for the BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE! 

     Best WISHES TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #413


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