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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well it has been a while since fluff put up a new blog , as it has been hectic for him lately. Yeah, things have changed in our country, as our officials are trying to do something which has never been done before, and that is micro-manage a flu illness. Well, with the population so high in the world, and people traveling around, this was going to happen sooner or later.  As far as getting groceries, you may have to shop in the morning hours, or show up at different times during the day to see if stuff is being put out. Canned goods, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables are good choices, and of course stock up on pet food for your pets! So, right now fluff is suggesting to keep your powder dry, and to save as much money as you can. DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS ARE GOOD CHOICES, and for today 222, 221,223,224,225 and the 22 pairs pick 3 are all good choices!  You can cut in early with 628 and 628 is a must play for thurs! Then, thurs night you can start friday saturday plays 441,443,461,007,047,1230,0000 like that! fluff is going to update his frequency system with a recommendation pick for this, and remember fluff did say to put in 047 for wednesday!  These picks ARE FOR ALL STATES AND NY! FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM DID HIT 441 A FEW FRIDAYS AGO, 628 THURS AGAIN, 441 SUNDAY AND 047 LAST WEDNESDAY! fluff is having a great month on LOTTERY POST, SO STAY TUNED TO HIS PREDICTIONS AND BLOGS! Remember to put in you favorite set of numbers for NY Lotto tonight for a dollar or two!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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