fluffy9999's SPIRIT OF AMERICA!!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, how are you? fluff hopes everyone is doing the very best!  fluff is in NY, and is working, and is doing great! WE HERE in AMERICA HAVE TO CONTINUE TO GO ON and LET THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA GUIDE US FORWARD! IT IS LIKELY EVERYONE WILL BE BACK TO WORK IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS. Continuing to take precautions like hygeine issues, disinfection, and social distancing made sense before this and will be in place long after this temporary situation ends. The Lottery games are still on, and will continue on.

     Todays is monday, and of course 254 is in play, as well as 777 and 222, and the pairs and any 22x or 77x number you like! Tues is 6371,1920 and 1010 as these are all FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS! Out longest box NY is 2888 and remember to get 1230 and 0000 for friday early, and same with 777 and 222! Keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and Blog Predictions!

     Best WISHES TO ALL  from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner AND LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL !

Entry #416


Avatar eddessaknight -
Well said, fluffy9999!

"This too shall pass!"

Till Then.....

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