Fluffy9999's Days System Scores 522 Ny Midday Today!!



     Hey, fluff-dog here!  OK, as posted in fluff's last blog, he said to play REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS 222 AND ANY 22X NUMBER! So, we are claiming the 522 as a hit for fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM, ALONG WITH THE BACK PAIR 22! Not bad, as wed is the BIG DAY FOR 22 HITS FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM, A MUST-PLAY! Also, fluff hit 7 of 10 on pick 10 NY with one set of numbers!  Now, FLUFF IS ON ALL THE TOP 50 CHARTS EXCEPT ALL STATES AND PICK4! Not bad, and fluff is doing excellent on the Take 5 NY, Lotto and Pick 10! Well, what do you want out of 1 set of pick 10 numbers? So keep up to date of fluff picks, and tonight you can play 254, cut in early 628 and take a look at fluff's other picks!

     Well, on the Virus front, downstate has a lot of cases and much is being done to help them out. It is a question of capacity, and hospitals could use some more capacity, but if someone proposed it 6 months ago nobody would have gone for it, or said where is all the funding going to come from? Well, two months ago we may have thought we had problems, but looking back now we did not have any problems at all.  fluff thinks the pharmacutical mix of availabale meds may have to be tried to alleviate illness. fluff hopes this comes together to help all people all over. We should all pray to our GOD for the help and guidance to address this problem as we ask for help for all of our problems. A lot of folks are recovering, and nobody should be worried. We have made it through many flu's and diseases and we will make it through this one!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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