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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so right now, DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY, as 2280,(8988 especially NY),623-254-253 in play tonight and monday! So, fluff did a forecast based on frequency with numbers ending 1-31-20, and out of this was the 0202 which he spoke of that was MENTIONED IN AN OLDER BLOG FOR WED NIGHT STRAIGHT LIKE THIS that hit in NY weeks ago! Well, there was also 2288 which is part of the DAYS SYSTEM FOR THE WEEKEND, and fluff is going to suggest this one be kept in play! He also looked at 3377 which came really close many times. So, once again, don't go crazy with this. Last night my friend asked me if I wanted to buy a Powerball ticket mistake for $20 and I said no. fluff does not spend like that on the $2 games even if the jackpot is a billion dollars! They are not going to get it from me. It is just like that. 

      So, once again with the current virus situation, it makes sense to have basic precautions in place, as always, and this should be done every flu season. Again, some health professionals locally are making a big case for almost everyone staying home.Does not make sense to fluff. Once again, if they keep making people think like this, it is going to be hard to return to normal. And then some areas could be higher risk to go to. The other day the store I went in became higher risk when about 15 people all came in at once and were basically in the same area. Cashiers have had so much contact with people at this point and you would think they would all be sick. Why aren't they? In some markets they wait on maybe close to a thousand people in a really busy day, and it could be more. Sneeze guards do make sense and always did. This way of doing things may stay like this for a long time, and that is ok for all. Today in response to the travel restrictions response of another state regarding NY state visitors, our governor of NY said if they do this I will sue them. Everyone is getting would up and this is not good. You know, some folks scare easily. fluff does not. He is fearless and backed by strong genetics and a tough will. People who know the fluff-dog get a sense of this but it is difficult to explain to you if you don't know him. fluff sees no benefit to being scared. Hang tough and stay the course.

     Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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