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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now last night fluff was inclined to play, well you probably won't believe this, but put in the last number that came out, 765 for NY. Well, he thought it had been a while since a repeat, so it would make a good play. Before that he put in the other side off 757 which was 557. 765 would be a good fit for this play. Well, fluff did not end up putting the 765 in and it HIT STRAIGHT NY LAST NIGHT! Now, fluff is thinking his mind recognized a pattern and went to this, and felt the inkling, but did not execute the play. Might as well after all that, but he did not and no prize on this one. So, keep in mind every once in a while there is a repeat. When a consecutive comes out, there will be another also. He also thought of playing the whole rack of consecutives, but did not go with it. 2280 MUST play sunday, as well as 254 for monday also. fluff put up some picks for YOU! ALSO FOR YOU UK PLAYERS, fluff did hit a $9 prize 4 or so days ago to keep up appearances in the UK Games! A little something for fluff's friends in the UK!

     Well, the flu situation continues on. This week is suppose to be a contagious week so take your precautions. Officials are saying to go into deeper quarantine to curtail the spread. This is certainly a test of our patience as folks are getting tired of this. But, we have to do this for everyone, we just have to. Making a face covering is a good idea and fluff did see a blue mask with small white polka dots that was excellent. Looked professionally made. The man said his grandmother made it for him. This gives a sense of contributing for the person who made it, and we should all seek to contribute in our own way, with uplifting words, a phone call, making a mask for someone, whatever you can do.


    Praying and Hoping for the VERY BEST FOR ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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