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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, certainly hope everyone is doing fine and that things are on the mend out there! fluff has put down some good numbers this month, especially in Illinois with the pick-4 1230 hit on a friday! Hopefully some folks out there took that one TO DA BANK! And other hits PROVIDED COURTESY OF FLUFFY9999'S DAYS SYSTEM FOR NY AND ALL STATES! fluff likes for NY 5588,2280,1924, 441, 628,357 and Religious Days System Plays 316,777 and 333 as well as 2531 for sat eve and especially sunday! REMEMBER, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FAVORITE NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR A DOLLAR OR TWO IN THE BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE! EVEN IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN GAMBLING OR PLAYING THE LOTTERY, A DOLLAR OR TWO WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING AND IT MAY CHANGE YOUR FAMILIES LIFE FOR THE BETTER!

    Well, on the flu front, a lot of sadness has occured for a lot of people and fluff's sympathies goes out to them all. There have been a lot of lives cut short, and even if the person was 80 or 90, it still is a great loss and a lot to get over. fluff knows because he lost his Mom jan 2019 and she was almost 92 years of age. It is unfortunate that regular seasonal flu viruses have caused a lot of deaths every year and maybe we should have been doing more to protect everyone in the years past. The guidelines are good to follow, and fluff has always done a lot of them like not touching surfaces, disinfecting and hand washing all the time. A mask for your face is a good idea during pollen season and for seasonal allergies, as well as when doing lawnwork or anything involving dust that may get into your system. fluff likes good vitamins, staying well rested and visiting or calling your doctor when you think you need to. Same applies to family members and pets also. Keep your head on straight and do not worry too much about things. Be optimistic and pray to God to help us all and give us the guidance and help that we all need.

    On the sentimental front, fluff is still walking walking and looking at those houses that were built in the 50's and 60's and feeling the vibe from yesteryears. A lot of wonderful people have come and gone and will be missed. It would be okay with fluff and he is sure a lot of other people IF IT WAS 1970 AGAIN! Yeah, those were good days and will always look back at them gently and kindly. fluff like the 80's too. He bought the entire SERIES OF THE ROCKFORD FILES AND IS WATCHING A FEW EPISODES EVERY NIGHT! James Garner is one of fluff's favorite actors and  he did WATCH THOSE EPISODES WHEN THEY WERE ORIGINALLY AIRED! Yes, a lot of action, romance, and all those great looking ladies!

    BEST WISHES TO ALL FROM fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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