fluffy9999 HITS 223 in NEBRASKA...



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, yeah, now fluff did hit 223 boxed in the GREAT STATE OF NEBRASKA yesterday which gives him a 5% HIT RATIO AND 300% prize Ratio right out of the gate! The fluff-dog hopes many FOLKS OUT THERE TOOK THIS ONE TO DA BANK! A nice hit, especially if you had the COMBO BET DOWN ON THIS ONE! OK, a lot of good stuff to come! Keep posted of fluff's Predictions and STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE! Yeah, and Mrs. C picked up a hit yesterday on her 796 pick for NY! Well, she makes bank by playing reasonably on a small number pool. If her numbers were known, fluff believes they would be pretty high!

    Best Wishes to ALL FROM YOUR MAGIC LOTTERY BUNNY, fluff9999, and the Magical Cats Cubby and Tanner!

Entry #427


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