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A Lot Has Happened.


A lot has happened to me in the past few weeks.

First, I met this girl named Leslie, and we both really like each other. I guess we're dating right now, but all we've done is hang out with each other.

I don't think I'm going to get a week in which I do not have any duty. Each time I get the opportunity, someone else needs to switch, and I am the only one who can switch days with them.

In fact, I'm on duty tonight. We already had one writeup. It was alcohol. With alcohol writeups, RAs usually only find one bottle of liquor or somewhere around 6-12 cans of beer. Tonight's was different. Myself and Allison (The other RA on duty tonight) happened to find a total of 48 cans (38 Unopened, 10 Opened) of beer. To make things worse, there was a minor in the room, which made things worse because the procedure is different. I had to call the higher-up on duty tonight, as well as OUPD. They kinda took it from there, but left me and Allison to do the writeup. Th purpose of this is to say that I SERIOUSLY HATE DOING WRITEUPS. If the residents were smarter and didn't blast out their music, they would wasily get away with drinking in the room. That's how most of the rooms get written up. They blast out their music, then the RAs knock on their doors. The residents then hide everything, which RAs hear and then let them know they suspect alcohol. If the residents didn't make so much noise, they would get away with drinking. Anyway, it was also a milestone I had hoped I would not encounter. I'm in double digits with writeups. I had hoped I would not have to write even one. To make things worse, a lot of the residents do not learn from it. I have had to write up some rooms more than once. Well, I'm off to Midnight Rounds. Have a nice night.
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