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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, right now DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR WED WHICH ARE 220-221-222 AND OF COURSE THE FRONT AND BACK PAIRS! Other good numbers are 254,628,0202,1978,1027 like that FOR NY AND ALL STATES! fluff has picked up a few hits so far, and has his NY pick 10 and Take 5 listed, as well as the BRITISH THUNDERBALL! fluff hopes folks in the UK know that fluff is hoping and praying for FOLKS ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR HEALTH, PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO BE THEIRS! fluff does good on the Thunderball and hopes to hit a jackpot asap! If no 22 number shows midday wed then you can PLAY THE WHOLE RACK AS MY DAD WOULD SAY AND PUT IN ALL 22 PICK 3 NUMBERS LIKE 220,221,222,223 ETC! 628 in play today also and MAKE SURE IF YOU PLAY A DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER FOR ONLY ONE DAY TO PLAY THE COMBO BET IF POSSIBLE! We are NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF GIVING MONEY TO THE LOTTERY, SO DO NOT SPEND A LOT FROM DAY TO DAY! And make sure YOU HAVE A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE BIG LOTTERIES AS THE MEGA JACKPOT WAS LARGE LAST NIGHT! Always play your favorite number set or two in the big drawings, and if you want to make a wheel then check out THE LOTTERY WHEELS SECTION HERE ON LOTTERY POST, A GOOD REASON TO BE A MEMBER!

     Well, on the flu front, folks are saying a lot of different things. Well, fluff can't really say all that is on his mind, but sensitive folks have to be protected and we have to get the country back on it's feet. If we take care of the economy, it will take care of us. THE PRESIDENT built a HOT-ROD, THAT IS THE US ECONOMY, AND HE CAN GET IT BACK UP TO SPEED AGAIN! If you know how to build a fast car, you can keep building them! So, keep in mind your small businesses and patronize them if you want them to be around for you! A lot of folks put blood, sweat and tears into their businesses, so help to support them! Try to help everyone you can, and we can all do our part by either getting a clinical nutritionist or becoming our own! Supplementing with vitamins, herbs and supplements and your diet of food can vastly improve your health. Eating fiber helps your body to function and to lose weight. fluff's family never really asked for medical help and do not need hardly anything. Go to GOD FOR ANSWERS and regularly pray from wherever you are. READING IS IMPORTANT AND IT IS A GOOD TIME TO GET CHILDREN READING THE GREAT WORKS AND BIOGRAPHIES, AND OF COURSE YOUR RELIGIOUS BOOK WHICHEVER IT MAY BE! Learning is not a spoon fed thing in schools, YOU HAVE TO TEACH YOURSELF. In today's WORKPLACE A SECOND OR THIRD LANGUAGE IS VITAL, SO NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO GET GOING!

     BEST WISHES TO ALL OUR FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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