Hey, fluff here!  OK, well sun night here in NY fluff thought it would be a good idea at this point to put in 257 ny pick 3 since it came out many times already and fluff's Days system calls for 257 on thurs along with 628, and 853! Well, fluff did not put this one in and what do you think happened? Of course, 257 hit straight monday midday NY! Of course, Days system 254 and 320 were in and 320 produced a boxed hit in another state! Sometimes, you have to play the trend even if it is out of place. fluff did have trend 628 and 358 in those spots. This was a miss, but fluff will CLAIM 257 BOX WED NY AND THE OTHER FRIDAY AS DAYS SYSTEM HITS! Today is tuesday and if the 77's pick 3 do not come in then play the whole rack for tonight, and  remember 222 for tonight and wed! Big day for the 22's pick 3 is wed ALL STATES!

    Well, on the current event front, it is a good idea to buy something when you see it! fluff scored antibacterial dish soap, last one, and threw that in his Bunny cart of supplies! Buy when stuff is in stock and one extra does not hurt! fluff wonders what everyone was doing all this time when all the soap was on the shelf. fluff guesses you know the answer to that. We have to keep our guard up and also enjoy life and continue to DO THE WORK WE ARE ALL CALLED TO DO. Sitting home with passive income is not making a contribution, unless you provide help to society and animals and people by helping and giving money to aid the needy. We need to CONTINUE TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER AND RESPECT EACH OTHER. There also are issues that need to be addressed that our government will take care of, issues that are multinational that affect our health and safety.

    BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS TO ALL, from fluffy9999, Cubby and Tanner!

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