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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now, fluff knows there is a lot going on out there and we have been through some tough times. fluff is hoping folks out there are getting through this and are okay!  So, DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS FOR THURSDAY IN EFFECT, WHICH ARE 628,257,369 and you can start fridays plays in the evening if you like which are 441,641,443,000,047 like that! 0000 is a good play for friday but you have to play it ahead of time in most states to get it! fluff is still liking 1027 for ALL STATES for fri and sat! Plays for the weekend for pick 4 include 2280,5588,7788,4567, etc. Always play the DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS WHICH CAN BE VIEWED IN FLUFF'S LAST BLOGS AND ALSO IN THE NOV 24, 2018 DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE!

     Well, fluff is still liking all those OLD CLASSIC SONGS! And one of them is THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA sung by Astrud Gilberto with Stan Getz done in 1964! Now, take a look at this video, and you can look at the 1965 version and many other versions she does and tell me if this isn't ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING SONGS AND PRESENTATIONS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! There is something SO AMAZING ABOUT THE WAY SHE SINGS THIS THAT WORDS CANNOT BE PUT TO IT! Just take a look and you will see! She hit it perfect the first time in 1964, and the presentation is amazing!  Also Shirley Bassey is another amazing singer you may want to check out! She has 3 or more JAMES BOND THEME SONGS TO HER CREDIT, and everything she does is perfect! What an amazing voice! So, hopefully these songs will pick up your spirits and think of better days ahead!

     Blessings to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

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