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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, now fluff did post picks for fri and sat, and the usual weekend plays of 5588-2280-4567 and 777-316-223-623 for the pick 3! fluff is doing good this month, and hope folks are collecting big time this week!

     Now for something different.  fluff likes to landscape and plant his property. He likes it to be woodsy, and sort of like a botanical garden. Now, he likes it to be stimulating and SOMEWHAT DISTURBING! He has height,with some plants going to 70 feet or so, and in back of the house is a group of 5 trees which form a CANOPY ABOUT 40 FEET OFF THE GROUND! People who drive by always look at the Ivory Halo dogwood bushes on top of the bank with a Colorado Blue Spruce in back of them, and really high trees in the background! You can see these tree tops all the way at the end of the block. The home is not at street level, but there is a bank which elevates the lot about 6 or so feet, and another bank on the side with more trees that are growing on top of that! fluff has trees growing that will eventually be 70 feet or so and shade the home! It looks like the entrance to a forest, and fluff really drives his  neighbors crazy! The lot is 90 feet wide which gives some room to work and 120 feet deep. fluff is in Planting Zone 5, and has Dogwood shrubs and trees, Fat Alberta Alberta Spruce(story attached to this), Holly bushes, native trees, black locust and also a shade garden under the canopy! Now, when fluff started designing this, he had no idea what the finished product would really look like! He knows what a sculptor must go through!  fluff planted all of this by himself. To have it done from scratch would cost a small fortune. The trees in the back with the canopy take 40 years to get to that point, or more! Hard to put a price on this because it takes a long time to grow it like this. It is stimulating and a lot of folks are in awe of all this and thinks fluff is a little eccentric!

     Best wishes to all from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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