fluffy9999 TOPS TAKE 5 AND PICK 10 CHARTS!!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, Today, fluff is at the TOP OF THE PICK 5 CHARTS, AND ON THE TOP 50 WITH THE OTHER GAMES CHARTS! fluff is on the TOP 50 HERE ON LOTTERY POST OF ALL THE GAMES EXCEPT ALL STATES ALL GAMES AND PICK 3!  RIGHT NOW, FLUFF IS LIKING 221 FOR NY, BUT DO KEEP DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY!  Must play for tues is 777, and wed if you like and 222 for both days also! fluff like the other side of 112 which would be 221 so keep this one in play for NY! PLAYING THE OTHER SIDE WORKS IN ALL STATES, SO IF YOU SEE 112 COME OUT, THEN PLAY THE OTHER SIDE which is 221! Sometimes it hits in a day and sometimes it takes a week!

     Regarding the flu virus event, the one man fluff talked to said "I am treating it like the flu. I worked in a nursing home so I know how to deal with it." This really should have been done like this every flu season with delicate persons being protected. Some people got all psyched out and think this thing can kill them. That is really weak for a grown man to go around acting like that. In the ancient world you would not be worth anything if you acted like that. There isn't anything out there can can hurt fluff and fluff will not let propoganda get inside his head. Regarding the George Floyd situation, this is a real shame. This is something painful we will have to live with forever, knowing what happened to him. This brings to mind Terry Chiavo and how judge Greer and the state of Florida caused her death. fluff has talked about living an extraordinarily long life, but one issue that we have to deal with is the mental baggage we carry with us. Tragic events can affect us deeply and fluff thinks more than we know. Our health physical and mental can be affected by events like these, and also the stress caused by the quarantine. Let us turn to our GODLY BOOK OF CHOICE and go to GOD for Help. ALL THINGS SHALL PASS AND WE HAVE TO COME TO SOME UNDERSTANDING IN OUR MIND AS TO HOW TO REMAIN FUNCTIONAL AND MOVE BEYOND THE PAIN WE FEEL.

    BETTER DAYS AHEAD AND BEST WISHES from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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