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pool dreams and enemies


This dream has nothing to do with the lottery. I don't know why I am even posting it online. Maybe someone can find some use of it.   Maybe you can learn a little bit more about me via my dreams. It was about swimming in a beautiful blue pool with my husband and some other people. I can still feel the coolness of the water next to my skin. It was a beautiful sunny day in the dream and the temperature was hot when I was out of the pool. There were several of my enemies there not swimming in the pool. They were trying to show off in front of my husband to make me look bad. I remember feeling somewhat smug because it was so obvious what they were doing. Even comical. I didn't feel there was any reason to be threatened by these enemies at this time....but I should keep a careful watch anyway. In reality, these people are not really in my life anymore.   So the meaning of the dream eludes me. All I can do is look at what I do know.

Blue- this was a very light color of blue. Light sky blue. So I know this is not about money. Neither is this dream about any message from above (spiritual).

Water/pool- swimming is a fun activity and water is emotional. This is good. Harmony. Although the water itself was rocky, we were swimming side by side meaning we were working together through these emotions. The meaning of this dream can be summarized here.

Sunny day- the fact that this was a beautiful day and no wind was blowing around, suggests good times that are going to hang around for a while. "clear skies" is a metaphor for no problems.

enemies- I usually see red hobgoblin eyes in people of my dreams that are to be enemies in my near future. This was not present in this dream. Therefore, the enemies are of my past and indicate something of a lesson to be learned on my part. But it is not clear to me the lesson I need to keep in mind. Nor should I feel any threat from them in the near future. One enemy of my past has been a particular theme for my dreams lately. She has been in several of late. I counted 2 very present enemies and one that was hidden from my view. I did not know her. The one hidden was a female, and she could represent someone that was working behind the scenes against me. But again, in the past.

Symbolically, you are welcome to use these for the lottery's pick 3 and 4. I never do. I do not know the numbers for these symbols. But if you want to use them, simply ask on the mystical board and someone will answer you shortly. MY goal is to let everyone know when I have dreams about the winnings of the powerball and mega millions. The dream discussed here today had nothing to do with that. But I feel it may be useful for others.

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