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The four parts of a communist takeover


By a former CIA agent

This is important reading…

Because it’s been happening for a while now…

And far too many Americans are “burying their head in the sand” about it.

But, there are 4 parts of a communist takeover and they go as follows…

Part one is to infiltrate key places.

This includes universities.

I don’t have to tell you how crazy and liberal universities are.

A ton of universities (especially in the state of New York) have been infiltrated by Chinese operatives to spread communism.

Now, most of the liberal professors are book smart, but so dumb to common sense that these Chinese operatives are able to easily brainwash them.

These professors have no idea that they’re being played like a fiddle.

Plus, you want to spread communism early on to the youth.

You want them to grow up believing in the “green new deal” and that everything should be free from the government.

Other places that are infiltrated are the media.

Again, you know how liberal the media is and they are easily brainwashed too.

We have seen how the media is afraid to call the violent looters, violent at all.

One of the funniest things I saw on CNN was this:

A news crew was talking about the “peaceful protestors” and in the background was a burning car and people throwing rocks and bottles.

The second part of a communist takeover is to take over local governments.

Infect as many local governments as you can and spread it all around the nation.

We have seen local leaders in Seattle, New York, Portland, etc. supporting the violence and even marching with the violent protesters.

These leaders are afraid to lose their liberal votes.

Some of these leaders do know what they are doing and are evil.

But, others are just dumb human beings who want to get re-elected.

Part 3 of the communist takeover is when they realize they can push things to the limit.

They realize that parts 1 and 2 have gone so beautifully for them that they can resort to extreme violence and the population will fall in line.

This is where they form gangs and secret police to do their will and the population is afraid to speak out.

This is where the Second Amendment disappears.

This is where anyone who doesn’t support their cause (violence, communism, destruction of capitalism) is an enemy to them and must be punished.

It is all happening right now under the premise of “social justice.”

While some of these people probably think they are doing good, they are puppets of their communist overlords who are laughing in delight.

Part 4 is where you seem them tear up the Constitution.

Remember how Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s speech at the State of the Union?

The communists will get on national TV and do the same with the Constitution.

This is why good men (you) cannot stay silent.

You must vote.

You must not be afraid to speak your opinion.

You must not be afraid to wear that T-shirt with a gun on it.

You must not be afraid to protect and promote freedom any chance you get.

You must talk to the young people in your life and help them understand what freedom truly is.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson

Former CIA Officer

Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing

Editor, Black Bag Confidential

Entry #796


MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - September 15, 2020, 7:19 pm
This so true. People make sure your vote is for the right party.
eddessaknightComment by eddessaknight - September 16, 2020, 9:43 pm
Excellent realistic expectations, Coin Toss, for those who are unafraid read because it hurts their lips :-)

"All socialism involves slavery..That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labors under coercion  to satisfy another desires "
`Herbert Spencer, 'The Coming Slavery' (Contemporary Review) 
spartan1707Comment by spartan1707 - Yesterday, 2:03 pm
The amount of stupidity in this is hilarious. So social security is bad? Funding for roads,bridges,schools,sewers,parks, rules for safety are all bad. No concern for your fellow human is good. The crap list continues. Wait this is just like the made up book called the bible or Hindu book, Muslim book. All man made to control men hold women down and different races. Utter trash.....this be. So socialism for the wealthy when they gamble away their companies then have the people bail them out. No taxes for them but the rest of us have to pay. What ever smart stupid people.....what ever. Now how about getting back to lottery stuff.

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