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Destiny2003f Workout (Excel)


Last Edited: February 19, 2005, 1:01 pm

In Excel, working in 3 columns, type the last 2 draws (381/163) in A1, B1, C1,  AND A2,B2,C2.  Then type the normula below underneath each.

                 A                                B                                      C

3 8 1
1 6 3
=MOD(A1+A2,10) =MOD(B1+B2,10) =MOD(C1-C2,10)
=MOD(A1-A2,10) =MOD(B1+B2,10) =MOD(C1+C2,10)
=MOD(A1-A2,10) =MOD(B1-B2,10) =MOD(C1-C2,10)
=MOD(A1+A2,10) =MOD(B1+B2,10) =MOD(C1+C2,10)
=MOD(A1-A2,10) =MOD(B1+B2,10) =MOD(C1-C2,10)
=MOD(A1-A2,10) =MOD(B1-B2,10) =MOD(C1+C2,10)
=MOD(A1+A2,10) =MOD(B1-B2,10) =MOD(C1+C2,10)
=MOD(A1+A2,10) =MOD(B1-B2,10) =MOD(C1-C2,10)

Good Luck!

I didn't line up very good where the 381 and 163 belongs.

You should be able to Copy/Paste these normulas into the worksheet. PASTE THEM STARTING  IN    A3.  Type your numbers in the top 2 lines.

Entry #13


onenumberComment by onenumber - February 23, 2005, 9:47 pm
I put this in my excel spreadsheet but if the number on top is smaller than the bottom it gives me a negative number. Do you know how to fix this?
MollyGComment by MollyG - February 27, 2005, 7:33 am
that should not happen, if you copied the complete formula exactly like it is posted here:
I sent a PM to you.
chijassyComment by chijassy - April 11, 2005, 9:00 pm
I have a question not really sure what destinys workout is, and can I use this in micro works spreadsheet....I pasted the formula in but may I did something wrong nothing happened.....any suggestions

Thanks Much

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