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Moving on....Mega Millions


I can't say I believe there will be any winner tonight. Doh At least, I haven't been shown anything lottery wise. I can say though, just because it is interesting, if you hold what is called a "key" white quartz crystal to your eye and look to see the sparkles filtering in through the light you will see yourself through another's eyes that night. I saw a bright white light shining on me and filling the room. I saw myself at the time I was looking through the crystal earlier.   I don't know who the other person was, but they had a view from below. Underground. The couch I was sitting on was invisible. So was some other objects around me that I remember being there. Their view of me was much more saintly than I feel is realistic. White light is innocent of all wrongdoing and protection from Heaven. Maybe the dream was trying to tell me there is someone watching over me? (referring to the white light itself.) I'm not sure what to gather of the other person. But there was singing that was loud. It sounded like a choir in church. No words, just singing. "Aaaaaawwwwwaaawwwaaaawww." That sort. Peaceful. Heavenly.    White Bounce White Bounce White Bounce White Bounce White Bounce I would like to know of other's experiences with this Key.

As for NUMBERS tonight, I will play my usual, plus any I can come up with. I think I will play some number games to see what happens. That whole taking the last draw away from the prior three does not work. One time, the numbers came up for powerball using that method. But I guess all we need is one, right? I feel my bias gets in the way of my judgement when picking numbers lately. I keep falling back to birthday numbers. Not that it aint working for me, I just feel I can do better. I'm running out of people I think have it "lucky." People born into money have the luckiest birthday numbers. The past numbers are littered with people I know's birthdays. All either destined for money themselves or born into it.

Entry #12


spy153Comment by spy153 - April 14, 2007, 12:15 am
2 + 0 my usuals produced 2 + 0 on one ticket (11 and 26) and 1 + 0 (14) on another ticket. I also play 33 regularly but not in combination with those other numbers and not as the powerball, so I am not counting that one. All and all, I won nothing. I cashed in winning tickets to buy those tickets and was hoping some of the good luck would carry over. Okay it didn't at all.

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