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Old Win98SE Pc, almost time to put it away.


That is a captured view of my Pc's desktop with that open window on top.

As you can see, my very old internet Pc has Win98SE in it and my hardrive has very many partitions in it.

Also has very little Ram Memory only 128MB, it shows only 127 for some reason. 

This Pc is only 533 MegaHertz or whatever fast, in other words is very very slow.

Besides this antique of a computer I have a new-one witth WinXP in it that is fast, a little over 3 GH of speed, so it is about 6 times faster than the other.

But the new Pc has not been used much yet, I just have taken a few quick looks at it, I really like Win98SE so much, but soon I am putting the old Pc to rest and will use the new-one, I need more memory and speed, I will try to add Win98SE to its hard drive so I can boot either WIN98SE or WinXP as needed, I don't know how well that might go, but probably OK, as I know that others have done that.

I might try in 1 to 3 more months, more or less.

For a very old guy who has only used a Windows Pc since about 2002 or 2003, I do OK, I learned about them all by myself, Blue screen of death, What is that? My Pc is practically unbreakable, I can restore a partition (Any of them) in about 15 minutes complete with all drivers and "Basic" programs ( Like FireWall, Unziper, IrfanView and many others) already installed in it.

Win98SE is so very easy to work with, if it didn't have its very serious memory limitations it might be the best, funny, but they say that WinMe is the worst ever O.S., it was to be a "Super" Win98 operating system.

Microsoft's programs are full of bugs, DOS was great (They say), but MS didn't create it, I heard that they just bought the rights to it.

If Linus had the support  and as much hardware and software as Windows, I might go for it, maybe soon it will.


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justxploringComment by justxploring - April 20, 2007, 10:00 am
About 18 months ago I was still using my trusty HP Pavilion 8250 with a 266mhz processor. So your old pc with a 533mhz processor doesn't sound too antiquated to me! LOL It came with 48mb of ram and added 128mb. I also updraded the system from Win95 to Win98SE. However, a 266mhz processor was just too slow to use high speed internet and, although it started up every day without any trouble, never crashed, and seemed as if it would last for several more years, it was time to retire it to a corner of my office. One day I'll part with it. Sometimes I just look over and smile and say "thanks for the memories." I had to buy a laptop in 2005 for a job. It's definitely not a gaming computer, but it's just fine for me. It has a Celeron M 1.4mhz, 768mb of ram (I added 512mb as soon as I bought it) and I soon discovered that using 1.5mbps of DSL really changed the whole internet experience and downloading files doesn't take me all night.

Enjoy your new super computer. I don't think you'll have any trouble making the adjustment! I remember in the mid 1980s when my company put an IBM in front of me and said "this is a computer - learn it!" and I went home trembling. :-)
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - April 20, 2007, 3:47 pm

You are right, I will get used to it.
Thank you.
Putting several partitions in a hard drive each with their own operating system can sometimes be a help, it does give a big measure of security, if one of them gives trouble for whatever reason, just switch to another partition and later when you have a little time, clone a good partition into the space where the bad one is and it will be as good as new again, a fresh installation of Windows, but complete with everything in it already installed and ready to go in just a few minutes.
No worries about trojans, viruses and or whatever, I keep that special "Master" partition hidden from the rest, to keep it secure, just in case.
Good Luck.

justxploringComment by justxploring - April 21, 2007, 2:23 am
Sounds as if you have a lot more technical experience than I do. I've always used just one operating system.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - April 21, 2007, 5:54 am

It is a multiboot configuration which is fairly easy to do with Win98SE and a boot loader, I use a boot loader that is able to boot up to 100 partitions, each with their own operating system of course, but of course also only one partition and operating system can be booted at any one time.
Let us say that you have 10 partitions and each of them has an operating system in it, you keep one of them unused just for emergencies as a nice and clean fresh master partition, it has an operating system same as the others and also all needed drivers and needed programs installed in it, same as with all the other partitions, but this partition is not to be used, except when it needs to be copied or cloned into some other partition, it was the partition that was installed in to the hard drive in the regular way and it was the first of the partitions that had an operating system in it.
Using a program, that Windows installation with all its drivers and all other any kind of programs installed in it is fully copied (Only the data in that partition is copied) into all other partitions in the hard drive, one partition at a time until all the partitions that you want to be able to boot and operating system from like Win98SE or WinXP have been copied to from the master partition into each of them one at a time.
If you want to, you can leave one or more partitions empty without an operating system in them so you can use them as download partitions where you can download your program to and keep them there for safe keeping.
Once all of that is done you boot into the first and regular active partition and then install the partition operating system boot loader from it (There) and then restart your PC and a boot many will appear where or from where you will chose or pick which partition you want to boot from of all those that are available in your hard drive and or hard drives if you have more than one of them.
Of course, each partition (That has a bootable operating system in it) even those in the same hard drive will show as if it (They were) was a separate hard drive.
Once you pick a partition the Pc will boot into it.
You could have videos on one partition, music on another, pictures on some other, lottery program or systems on another, games on some other, business programs on another, painting programs on some other and or what ever you want to have in each of them and when you start and or restart your Pc you will pick or chose to which partition you want to go to and use the programs that are in that particular partition.
The storage or download partition(s) are best put down last at the very end of all the partitions, so it or they can be seen and used by all the other partitions and their operating systems.
The same operating system can be put in all or some of the partitions or different operating systems can be put into each of the different or individual partitions, they can be mixed in anyway that a person wants to.


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