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     Hey,fluff here!  OK, now fluff had a feeling about Christmas's numbers, and 623 was one of them. So, on Christmas day, 623 came out boxed in NY, where fluff lives! So, he made a note to play on thurs and fri in the coming weeks in NY. So, as usual, fluff got busy, and did not keep them in play those days. He does play 623 on sunday. So, what came out a few days ago on these days?  Well, you guessed it, 623 str NY! Now fluff had a feeling about 518 as it has not shown for a while. Well, he was about to put it into play and what number hit NY! Yup, 518! You know, it is about rotations. In your pool of numbers, if one has not show for a while, and it is in the common groups of 12 to 15 sum, try putting it into play for a few days and maybe you will catch it! So, here in NY and across many states the Mega and Powerball is getting huge, so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TICKET OR TWO FOR THESE DRAWINGS! As always, keep up to date on fluff's Predictions and blog predictions!  1118 and 118 LOOK GOOD FOR NY FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR SO!

     fluff used to do a second paragraph on current events, but has not lately. Well, what can you say? Once again, YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED WITH YOUR OWN PEACE OF MIND AND TRANQUILITY! If you have millions of dollars and your mind is a mess with things, what good is that? Your mind should be a happy place, fluff of NICE IMAGES OF NATURE, LANDSCAPES, OCEAN VIEWS, GOOD TIMES WHEN YOU WHERE REALLY HAPPY(IF NOT NOW) like that! Make your mind a happy place and your health should improve. GOOD VIBES MAKE FOR GOOD TIMES! Let us all embrace those WARM SUMMER DAYS WITH OUR LOVED ONES AND THE JOY THAT WE HAD THAT DAY! LET US ALL LIVE IN THE SUN, GOOD TIMES AND BE CHILDREN OF THE SUN WITH NOTHING ON OUR MINDS AND PEACEFUL THOUGHTS TO CARRY US THROUGH THOSE DIFFICULT TIMES! fluff's constant companions are his pets, outdoor animal family, the sky day and night, the wind, gentle breezes, the ocean, trees and all that! Yes, they will always be there for you!

    Best WISHES FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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