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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well, you know, back a while fluff did like 2736 on tuesday, as it was a important number in his number pool, and he felt it should be played alongside 6371 for tuesday! Well, it did come out straight on tuesday! Truthfully, fluff had been busy and has not  been playing it lately, but did make a note to put it back in there as it had come out lately!  MIDDLE OF THE WEEK NUMBERS ARE 2345,1027,4567,241,254,22x numbers like that! fluff THINKS 1116,1117,1118 MAKE A GREAT PLAY FOR NY for the next 5 days or more! Hey, 50 cents brings 600 if it shows! A combo bet brings a straight hit in pick 4! Remember to buy a few tickets for the Lotto NY and the POWERBALL TONIGHT TO KEEP YOUR HAND IN THE BIG DOLLAR LOTTERIES!

     Recently, fluff talked to someone and they wanted his help playing the stock market. People, the market, real estate takes an emotional toll on a person, disturbs their mind and sooner or later they will have to sell and get out, for a number of reasons. HEALTH is the most important and do not take it for granted. Work to improve circulation and digestion on a daily basis. Become your own clinical nutritionist or go to one to get guidance. Get involved with this as this is the way to go. You can improve your health considerably, mental and physical. Be fair to yourself and take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Getting leaner is something everyone can do as we are all healthier when we do not have too much fat around out midsection. Almost everyone needs to work on this.

     Best wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, and the B-Crew!

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