Fluffy9999 Scores 2 Hits On UK Thunderball!!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluff scored two hits of $18 dollars each on the UK Thunderball bringing a little bit of joy to his FRIENDS ACROSS THE POND! Now, on the first pick, fluff had three numbers. ON the second pick he had 2 numbers and the Thunderball. In all between the two picks he had listed, both of which WON A PRIZE, HE HAD FOUR OF THE NUMBERS AND THE THUNDERBALL! WOW! If fluff had MIXED THE NUMBERS MORE ON A WHEEL, HE WOULD HAVE MISSED THE THUNDERBALL JACKPOT BY ONE NUMBER! Well, for now fluff is taking the two hits WHICH PUT HIM AT THE TOP OF THE UK CHARTS FOR ALL GAMES! fluff hopes a lot of folks over there cashed in! So, right now in NY, fluff likes playing the other side of the double, which is 600-500-155 like that! Tonight fluff had the 222,224,226,227 in play FOR THE DAYS SYSTEM PICKS! DON'T FORGET TO DO THIS ON FRIDAY ALSO, HERE IN NY! So, AS ALWAYS, KEEP UP TO DATE OF FLUFF'S BLOG PREDICTIONS AND LISTED PREDICTIONS! For new players, the DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLES ARE LISTED IN THE LAST COUPLE OF BLOGS SO YOU CAN LOOK THEM UP! Keep your hand in the BIG LOTTERIES which are the Powerball and Mega here in NY as the jackpots are MUY Grande!

     Best Wishes to ALL, FROM FLUFFY9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #499


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