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     Hola!  Hey, El Fluffo here! Well, there has been a lot of attention around the Mega Lottery Drawing and some Cat or Chick has won it from Michigan! Well, they are probably not a lottery forecaster or a trend watcher, but the stars lined up for them and they have some money to spend to make a positive difference in the world! First thing off would be setting up a Charitable Trust for Animals,Pets,Wildlife, and helping folks down on their luck with food,clothing, especially winter garments and like that. Of course you will be paying several lawyers,accoutants, and other folks to help you forever. But fluff hopes that the person or persons  that won this will help their brothers and sisters, both animal and human and good things will come forth! So, fluff did like 457 for the last week or so and that showed up! Stay on course with fluffy9999's Days System Picks, and if you DO NOT WANT TO SPEND A LOT, STAY WITH A COUPLE OF THE CORE PICKS, WHICH FOR TODAY are 2280, 5588, 4765,316,222,223,623,254 like that, for NY and All States! Also, keep an eye on 9999 for NY and fluff would advise keeping this one in play for the next couple of weeks!  5588 make a good play fri through tuesday for NY! Next no match add-up number fluff likes is 761! Good time today to get 777 and 222 for tueday and wednesday here in NY!

     You know, all the money in the world will not change some things. It can't raise those who have passed or heal all the pain we carry with us from the years passed. But, some money can solve some problems for all or us! You do not need 776 million dollars to spend, but some money to pay off our home or buy another one to provide housing for some nice folks would be good. fluff has to review his tickets, and he did have 4 and the megaball 24 in his picks. fluff thinks he may have a 10 dollar prize in there, and may have picked up the 475 box NY hit! HEY, IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD A HIT IN A WHILE, THEN MAKE SURE TO PLAY BOX to get some money coming in so you can finance your tickets!

     Best Wishes to ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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