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results: 22-26-28-33-45 +17

Now, I learned not to post my picks anymore. But, I thought that the first number would have been either a 4 or a 20, or the first two numbers combined making a 10 or a 20. But I played neither because I am stubborn. Even still, I was right on with the 28/10/19 (they all equal the same thing) in the right position and 33 in the right position. However, as right as I was about the last number in the first five being equal to a 9 or 1, I played 54. Not 45. Again, I played 8. No teens. I thought a more clever play would have been 36. But that is just me. (There I go again, giving those balls Roll Eyes way too much credit again, thinking they could be clever about it. ) That said, I wound up with a 2 +0 and 1+0 and no moula, because I played 28-32-54 and 19-33-54 and 28-33-54.   If you could see my personal numbers, that I always play-on every single ticket- you would be amazed at the similarities. But nevermind, it pays nothing to be similar. No Pity! And that is the name of this game.

While I am here, let me share this experience I had today. I never have heard of it happening. I grew up around pecan trees. All of my life, squirrels would come close to me. Deer would come up to me as if they have something they want to say to me.   But never has one touched me. Butterflies will sit all over me outside during the spring and summer. But I have seen them do that to others as well. Today, however, we went to a flea market and walking down one of the isles was a lady who had a squirrel crawling all around her. I was blown away. I had never seen this before and never heard of people being able to get a squirrel to come close enough to them to pet. So I asked the woman how she got this squirrel to come to her. She said, " I didn't. He just come to me." "Can we pet it?" I asked. And no sooner had she said "yes," the squirrel began to crawl over me and my daughters. "well, he just came right to them too. Do you see that?" she asked the man next to her. He almost went down my blouse, but I pulled him out of there. Then he went into my purse and curled up and went to sleep. "That must have been what he has been wanting." the woman said to the man next to her. "It was sleepy. Is it balled up?" she asked. "Yes." I said. The cute little thing had fallen asleep in my purse all in a little ball. I hated to have to give it back to her, but I had to. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted it. Today, I got to pet a squirrel for the first time in my life. And my family was there to share it with me. Since I have had many experiences, but none with my family present, two great things happened to me in one day. We all had a first time experience together. What fun!!!!Big Smile

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