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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well how are you? fluff is hoping EVERYONE IS DOING WELL OUT THERE! So, the month just started and fluff has a few hits in already! fluff likes the other side of double for NY which are 220,229,446 like that for the next week or so! For ALL STATES PLAYS, regular DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY FOR THE WEEKEND, which are 1924 - 1027-1024 - 3366-5588-2280-4765-316-223-623-222-357-808-128 like that! MUST PLAY NUMBERS ARE 4765-5588-2280-316-623-222! REMEMBER TO HAVE A TICKET OR TWO FOR THE BIG LOTTERIES IN YOUR STATE! NY Lotto is a great play for ONE DOLLAR as you get two chances to win a large pot of millions of dollars for 50 cents each! Yes, fluff knows some folks just want a few dollars extra so they play like they do. But, what is the point of playing a lot of money on small numbers? For a dollar you have a chance at life-changing money! To a lot of people this means a home, savings for retirement and education or whatever, donations to charities, etc. So this is the month fluff was born in and he thinks this is going to be a ROCKIN MONTH FOR SURE!

     Well, we all think of the past. Back in the seventies hot rods were high compression engines with wild camshafts, lopping idles and they needed racing fuel. Today, the turbo set-ups are rockin the drag strips putting in spectacular blazing performance! You can have a 1970 Chevy Nova with a 406 cubic inch engine and twin turbos, all set up correctly that is, and be at or under a 9 second quarter mile! And these cars drive on the street comfortably without drivability problems! There was a man a few doors away from fluff who had a 38 Chevy Coupe Hot Rod, 327 engine Fuelie heads, cammed way up with a racing manual M22 transmission but the car needed to be going 50mph to start breathing! fluff calls this a Saturday Night Special! Well, the driveway was steep and when he got home he had a hard time making it up the driveway as he had no torgue down low! Well, the car was set up for the track, with power range being over 50 mph! Cars like this do not drive well, or make good daily drivers. The thing to do today would be to put a turbo setup on this car, with less cam, all components properly matched and you would have perfect drivability and even more power if you wanted to build it like that! Turbo technology has come a long way, and in the 1980's it was Buick with the 1985 Grand National that set the pace and had folks thinking about turbo technology! The Buick Grand National is a great car for anyone to have for a summer car, but a good one will be up in price!

     Well, as always,BEST WISHES TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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