fluffy9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORES 1230 FRI & 357 STR SAT NY!!



      Hey, fluff here!  OK, well, yes 1230 is played every Friday per fluff's Days System and is listed in the nov 24, 2018 Days System Play Table, and 357 is constantly mentioned for play every sat night and was listed in fluff Predictions for sat even as 357 straight for NY!  OK, so already, the DAYS SYSTEM HAS SCORED A PICK 4 NY AND A PIC 3 NY STR in just a few days into this month! RIGHT NOW, FLUFF IS LIKING 5588 FOR TONIGHT AND TUES NY especially, and also Days System plays 1920,6371,1010,727,227,254,441,320 like that! 777 and 222 should be in play for tues and wed esp. NY! REMEMBER TO READ BACK 20 BLOGS OR SO AND READ THE NOV 24 DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE! There is also another DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE 2O BLOGS OR SO BACK! fluff's ROTATIONAL PICK 278 came out recently, and fluff likes 408 and 457 for esp NY! fluff also listed some picks for the Cowboy pick 5 game for the great state of WYOMING and also has picks listed for the UK THUNDERBALL AND THE BIG EURO GAME! BEST OF LUCK TO ALL THE FOLKS ACROSS THE POND!

     Best of luck to ALL from fliuffy9999. Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #503


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