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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so right now, here in NY, 5555 in play for a week or so, and angles of Days System pick 3366 just came out in the NY midday, so keep this in play for the evening or beyond! fluff's MUST PLAY FOR SAT are 1924-5588-3366-4675-357-623-316-2280 like that! MUST PLAY FOR SUNDAY are 316,623,223,2280,2880,8980 like that! ONE VERY INTERESTING WAY TO PLAY IS TO TAKE A DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER AND CROSS IT OVER TO THE OTHER GAME. FOR INSTANCE 357 TO PICK 4 TO BE 3570-3571, etc. 357 is a saturday play, and 3570 just came out in NY midday today! So keep an eye on this and it can work vice-versa! 9820 is an OUT LONGEST STRAIGHT FOR NY FOR SAT, AND 1843 IS GOOD ALSO! fluff hit two numbers yesterday FOR ALL STATES SO ALWAYS CHECK YESTERDAYS WINNERS HERE ON LOTTERY POST UNDER PREDICTIONS and go to fluffy9999 on the list! 1024 and 1027 are good picks for the weekend for ALL STATES AND FLUFF DID PICK UP A HIT A FEW DAYS AGO WITH THIS! fluff also had been hitting Puerto Rico Pega Dia & Pega Noche and did have a straight hit a couple of months ago! So, as always keep up to date of fluffy9999's PREDICTIONS AND BLOG PREDICTIONS AND REREAD THE LAST 20 OR SO BLOGS IF YOU ARE NEW TO FLUFFS BLOGS!

     Hey, it is a nice day here in Upstate NY, so fluff is going out for his walk while the sun is stiil out! fluff does take care of the outside pet feeding every day with food and has a constant fresh water sourse outside so there is always water out there for the animals. If you have a shed or some type of storage building in your yard, you can make an inconspicuous or hidden entrance so cats can go in there if they need a place to stay. fluff has built couple of really nice cat pods with one storage container inside the other and cats have been using it for years! Info on this can be found on the ytube. It makes an interesting project and you can find the stuff you need at the local building supply place, you know there are two of them or so!

     LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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