FLUFFY9999's DAYS SYSTEM SCORES 5588 Illinois!!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluff is hoping and praying for ALL OUT THERE that they are doing well, with the winter weather and all out west. But, fluffy9999 DID BRING SOME SUNSHINE TO ILLINOIS YESTERDAY WITH THE 5588 BOXED HIT ON THE MIDDAY PICK 4! So, hey, this is a DAYS SYSTEM NUMBER that we play on saturday and tues, so nobody spent a lot on this one! You know the COMBO BET IS THE WAY TO GO, but if you want to get four tickets box it is about the same! So FLUFF IS HOPING THAT MANY, MANY FOLKS OF THE GREAT STATE OF ILLINOIS COLLECTED ON THIS ONE! Hey, what can you say? THIS IS A NICE HIT FOR A SMALL INVESTMENT! fluff also hit BOTH NUMBERS IN THE FLORIDAY EVENING PICK 3 AND 4 YESTERDAY WITH 440 AND 7890! THAT IS SWEET WHEN YOU HIT BOTH THE MIDDAY AND EVENING DRAWING ON THE SAME DAY! So, fluff did hit his rotational number here in NY with the 460 on sunday, STRAIGHT, but did not give a day on that one! fluff is still liking 457 for NY and 254 is good this time of year, esp. mon to wed! AS ALWAYS, CHECK THE LAST 20 BLOGS OR SO AND THE NOV 18,2018 DAYS SYSTEM PLAY TABLE FOR THE RECOMMENDED PLAYS FOR FLUFFY'S DAYS SYSTEM!

     Well, fluff continues to encourage ALL to take the nutritional route for your health and to upgrade and keep learning about nutrition. Try to eat some really nutritious food during the day so you do not have a deficit at the end of the day! Grapes make a great snack for on the go, as well as bananas and an apple a day is a good idea also! fluff eats lemons, limes, kiwi regularly and encourages ALL to pick up some of these good fruits and vegetables and eat some every day! Regular exercise that is right for you is good also! 30 min or more of walking at a time is great when the ground is clear of ice and snow! Maintain your emotional and mental health by viewing the sky, earth, animals every day and enjoy out time outside each day!  LET US ENJOY THE SUN ON US AND ENJOY BEING CAREFREE CHILDREN OF THE SUN EACH DAY! Great summer days are coming soon!

     Best Wishes for Health and Happiness from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew

Entry #506


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