Fluffy9999's Days System Hits 10 Times Saturday!!



     Hey, fluff here!  OK, well fluff just started to build some steam on the second to last day of the month!  fluff had 10 hits all over the USA with Day and Evening HITS IN Virginia with 1027! That is right, 1027 hit two times in the same day and fluff had it! ANOTHER TESTIMONY TO FLUFFY9999'S Days System! This is about the third time this month fluff hit both drawings for pick 3 or pick 4 in the same day! Hey, there has to be something SPECIAL about the DAYS SYSTEM TO DO THIS! Straight hits 000,111, and 451 came in for some nice 500 ACTION! About 10 hits that totalled 2270 CARROTS! So, fluff KNOWS THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THESE STATES COLLECTED BIG TIME ON THESE PREDICTION POSTS/DAYS SYSTEM PLAYS!  Right now, fluff is staying on 2888 both plays for the week for NY as this one is in the angles and has been out boxed since 1992! fluff's Frequency pick for NY is 6794 and mon to wed may be good! fluff likes 888 and 333 Evening NY and REGULAR DAYS SYSTEM NUMBERS IN PLAY! 254,320 for monday to wed All States, and make sure here in NY you get 777 for Tues and 222 for wed as soon as possible! You could play 777 and 222 for tues and wed and cover these days nicely! Medium bet on these two is recommended, but watch for 222's other sweet spot of friday as the 22x numbers have been showing up there! 31 looks good for the Mega Drawing. fluff's numbers of 19 and 24 as well as 10 and 31 show up constantly in the big lotteries. STAY ENGAGED on the Big Lotteries in your state, the pick 5,6 and Keno or pick 10 also! The Mega and Powerball are good to play and always try to have your favorite set of numbers in play for these. AS ALWAYS WATCH YOUR LOTTERY BUDGET and don't spend too much, especially on smaller dollar numbers. 3 bucks a night adds up quickly! If you like, pick a few days a week to play and a few dollars on the big lotteries. A lot of folks do not feel too good about throwing a lot of money out there and hoping it comes back. Remember, the big lotteries can be LIFE-CHANGING AND MULTI-GENERATIONAL MONEY! A GOOD TIME TO PLAY IS AROUND THE DATE OF YOUR BIRTH EVERY MONTH! fluff likes his TRAIN NUMBER OF 7667 for thurs and fri All States!

     Well, fluff is going out for a walk after writing this as it is a nice day here in upstate NY! Nice and warm outside yesterday and the jeans jacket was enough instead of the winter jacket for the day! fluff walks 3-4 miles most days and enjoys watching the sky,trees, and enjoying nature and the weather! Always get some exercise and enjoy being outside!

    Best Wishes to ALL for Health,Happines and Peace in your mind from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

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