fluffy9999's Saturday Lottery Vibe!!



     Hey there! fluff-dog here! Hey, fluff hopes ALL IS WELL OUT THERE and that everyone is enjoying fluff's picks and counting that dough coming in! Will there be MORE HITS?  OH YES, THERE WILL BE HITS! So let's take a look at fluff's Predictions for sat and put some into play! Remember, only spend a little, and the must play numbers are 808-357-2280-1924-5888 like that! If you want a chance at the big dollars, play a little on the quad numbers and let'em ROLL! fluff thinks we are going to see some of these come in tomorrow, maybe like half of them! So let fluff take you for a good ride! Remember, do not spend a lot and buy a ticket or two for the big lotteries! Fluff's 50 cent box rotational pick for NY is 358! 333 and 888 good evening plays for NY!

     PEACE AND HAPPINESS and a PEACEFUL MIND TO ALL from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner and the B-Crew!

Entry #510


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