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Part II


    So if there is no mathmatical way to determine the next draw, is there another way to do something else?

    I went to my local bookstore (Davis_Kidd) and looked over their selection of astromonical books.  Not being anything approaching a mathmetician, I needed to find me a good book written for the layman.  I found "Physics For Dummies" and bought it.  The book was written for me; I just knew it.

     I read the book twice.  Once would have been enough but if you are a dummy like me you think there MUST have been something you missed. Nope!  I got it all.  And I did not understand one word of it!

    So I got me another one; and another; and another.  In all I have about fifty books about the heavens, the atom, particle accelerators, the square root of minus 1, Kepler, Bohr, and I am not one iota smarter than before I spent all that money and did all that reading.  Oh, well, another dead end.

    One night, while surfing the Web, I  stumbled upon Lottory Post.  I read all the posts.  I kept up with what was being said for a couple of weeks.  I decided to join; if for no other reason than to bring more confusion into "The Discussion".  I think I have more than succeeded.  If you will note, I have very few comments posted here.  One reason is that when I do add a comment that particular conversation comes to an abrupt and sudden halt.  I became paranoid.  What was I saying that turned people off? 

    So I became a "reader" more so than a "poster".


Entry #2


x1kosmicComment by x1kosmic - May 12, 2007, 12:11 pm
Thats the same thing that happens to me, sometimes,
But I'll keep reading, and adding silly cmments ,
And continue plugging away

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