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My own dreams are telling me something about "lessons learned." But an interesting thing happened last night. I said a prayer. My daughter dreamed of fire. (think of the fire of GOD, making things happen) Then there was an unidentified rumbling and earth shaking in a nearby area. (Think about the way the earth trembles when GOD is about to do something. The bible tells us the earth shakes when a seal is broken or vial is poured out, etc..) I myself did not feel the rumble. I usually do. But folks, I was out of it. I was just plain exhausted. I have been sick and have done something to my knee putting me in excruciating pain all day and night now for about a week. So, when I went to sleep, there wasn't anything waking me up. But I saw these series of things as a sign of something. For my sake and my kids, I pray it is a good sign. Any thoughts?

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chippieComment by chippie - May 14, 2007, 9:15 am
I must say there is just something about "kids" and dreams, I will share something with you. When my sister died I cried for days and days until one morning my little girl woke me up (quite early that morning) and said to me her aunty told her in her dream last night it was time for me to stop crying for she was in heaven and I was shocked.

I always wondered why she kept coming to my little girl to give me messages but not me, thier is something about kids when they dream and I always listen !!!!!!!

spy153Comment by spy153 - May 14, 2007, 9:27 pm
It meant a winner for knoxville. A millionaire dollar winner. Oh they can kiss my ***!!! Tn got so ripped off by this raffle it isn't funny.

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