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    After all the reading I have done one thing, and only one thing, has stood out.  I know I am getting this wrong but who cares?  Certainly not me.  Don't confuse me with facts; my mind is made up.

    On the sub-sub-atomic level, chaos reins supreme.  Physicists today have no clue is what is going on.  All is random, confusing, and unknown.  If that is the case, then how does matter go from being pure chaos to what we see around us today?  Something is going on down there!  What?

    Can this phenomena be translated into a lottory system?  After all, the lottory is random.  The sub-atomic world appears to be just as random.  The two can't be that much different.  And if so, what would the steps be going from pure random to predicted events? 

    While at this time no one knows the answer ( expecially not me ) this should not be a deterent to trying.  So I decided to try.  (Fools rush in where.......you know the rest).

    After due deliberations I have settled on patterns as being the key to "moving on up the ladder".  By this I mean going from random to something a little more concete.  But what would a pattern look like.  I had no clue.  "TO THE INTERNET!!"  I screamed. 

   I googled "lotto chat rooms" and found Lottory Post.  I found other web sites but nothing like LP.  I began learning where all the buttons were.  I read all there was.  I went back to the beginning of the forums and read all that the computer could bring up.  I found more patterns than I expected.  I also found "Mathematics" and did a shudder.  I found "Lottory System" and thought I had found the mother lode. 

    Needless to say I incorpated a few of the patterns people were brave enough to post even tho most of them had merit.  I found that numbers repeated between draws.  I found that there were hot and cold numbers.  And I found a lively discussion of the sum of 5 numbers.  I also found skips, most out, most in, and most in-between.  These I rejected because I didn't understand them.  They were too complex for my tiny brain. 

    So I began.  I programmed my computer to find all the number sets ( I believe others use the word "line".  I like number sets) that had a least one number from the previous draw repeat.  Just tell my how many there were, I told the computer.  I did not want a print out.  There were thousands.

    Was I disappointed?  Sure, but not defeated.  So there were thousands of number lines.  This just told me I needed another pattern.  I went to cold and hot numbers.  At first I used the five coldest and five hotest numbers in conjuction with repeats and hit the computer again.

    While there were fewer number lines, there were still way too many for my meager income to support.  Being on Social Security does that to one's bank account.  Thankfully everthing is paid for.  All I have to worry about is taxes.  So I went back to musing over my next move.

    The sum of five numbers seemed like a good bet so I did some "research".  While the sums fell between 80 and 120 a lot of times, there were still exceptions.  These exceptions were severe enough to cause me to pause.  There had to be a better way.  I am not sure if what I eventually came to use is better but it is the one I am using right now.  Is the sum odd or even?  Forget what the sum is numerically; just keep the odd or even in mind for the moment.  If the sum is odd, the total number sets available becomes 50% of the total.  Likewise for even.  "Hey!" I said to myself so no one would think I was going senile, "I have reduced the playing field by 50%!" 

    At the time this seemed like a monentous event.  After programming my computer and finding the total number sets that 1) had at least one number from the previous draw, 2) and one cold and one hot number, and 3) was either odd or even, the sky fell on me.  I was quickly disappointed.  Still way too many number sets to play and I could not be assured the winning number was among those number sets.

    Now for a brief word about when I do my thinking.  I will not delve into how I think for that would only expose my high level of insanity.  I am trying to keep that part of me a deep, dark secret.  Just thinking there might be a way to predict the next 5 numbers out of the lotto drum is insane enough.

    Most of my family lives two hundred miles away.  I go to see them twice a month.  During that 3 hour drive I think only about lotto patterns or how to use the ones I have to better affect.  More on all of this later.

Entry #3


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