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     Hey, fluff here!  OK, so fluff would once again like to THANK ALL OF YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ HIS BLOGS AND MAKE THEM A SUCCESS!  fluff is coming up on the 400,000 mark for his blogs and could not have done it without ALL OF YOU!  Fluff is so grateful to share his thoughts with you like this and to hopefully bring you some insights into the lottery and bring some sense and awareness of the JOY THAT WE ALL SHOULD FEEL FOR BEING ALIVE AND WELL TO ENJOY THE DAY!

     You know, life is truly ridiculous. We all invest in these human relationships with each other and we are gambling. We so much want to feel loved, needed and appreciated and to have a sense of value in ourselves and worth. We all need to be validated in our worth to each other. We seek the praise of out mate, our family and our employers. We are all playing the time game, that is dealing with the passage of time and struggling against it. We all have fears and a lot of them are being forgotten, being foresaken and being betrayed. We struggle with the passage of time and how it slips away from us one day at a time. We wrestle with regret, guilt and a host of other feelings. We struggle with what could have been, what could be and what might be. We battle with where to place our memories and how much time to spend thinking about loved ones that have passed on. These things affect each and every one of us and no amount of money is going to get us out of all this. We must continue on in life even though bad things happen to us. We have no choice but to go on and continue our mission in life. All of this said we must BE A SEEKER OF JOY, LOVE, FRIENDS, PEACE AND TRANQUILITY. NEVER STOP SEEKING AND AS FLUFF SAID TO HIS FRIEND " LET US HAVE JOY IN THE DAYS OF OUR LIFE AND SEEK TO BE COMMITTED TO IT! WE MUST PREVAIL AT THIS AND WE MUST SEEK TO HELP EACH OTHER, AND TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. Leo Buscaglia tried to get people to understand LOVE and what is means to have love in our hearts and love for each other. What a wonderful gift to go all over the world and have people come up to you on the street and hug you! We must evolve socially to a new level of awareness and somehow overcome the bad in the world. Let us work towards peace and unity like has never been seen before. It is a goal worth pursuing.

     Best Wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity from fluffy9999, Cubby, Tanner, Lady Grey and the B-Crew!

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